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9 thoughts on “Obama-care Roadkill

  1. Hammer

    You need to do a cartoon on the NAACP or the Demo slaves in action? 4 yrs ago black unemployment approx 7.6 % –4 yrs after Obama –today 14+% blks r unemployed –but they still go for color? What is up with that?

  2. Alan (65 Jayhawk)

    The cartoon is excellent and the message is unfortunately true. Valorie’s comment says it all and I couldn’t agree more with that and your response to her. As always the cartoon is off to others in my E-mail address book.

  3. Valorie

    The medic in me is smiling. I like it,Tony!!

    These unintended consequences are just a start as there are many more of these to come with Obamacare.

    Some would argue that these are “intended” consequences. For Obama to become “King” he needs his subjects to become depended on “his” government for handouts.

    My hope is that the fine people of our country will wake up before it’s too late. I know too many obambots are still waiting for their piece of “obama money.” How sad is it that people would rather sit at home and wait for their Obama Money while the rest of us work hard everyday just to have government take our money and give to these lazy people. What happened to personal responsibility? To people working hard, and taking pride in providing for themselves. Our founding fathers and past patriots are looking down at us with tears rolling down their faces…so much lost that was fought for by them. Very sad.

    Thanks for another great work of art. Do you have a book available with all of your past artwork?
    If not, you should make one.

    1. A.F.Branco

      Book?…I’m working on it.. It’s just so expensive.. I’m looking for a way to go so folks can afford to buy it

      1. Valorie

        Well, as far as your publishing a book with your arkwork in it, all I can say is where there’s a will…there’s a way! I for one, will be waiting in line to buy it. Keep on it.

        I look forward to each new cartoon of yours. :)

        1. A.F.Branco

          Thank you Valorie… I’ll be posting it everywhere when it come out.

  4. A.F.Branco

    Today’s Cartoon…. Let’s have a look at one of the early unintended consequences of Obama prioritizing “socialized medicine” over the countries real needs, “JOBS”.

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