AJC Applauds President Obama for Granting Deferred Action to DREAM Students

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  • Whew! This is one hot potato! I agree ‘in principal’ that the son should not bear his father’s (mother) guilt, I have a great deal of difficulty in applying the ‘educational’ opportunites to 30 yrs olds & with the younger children given a hall pass, who will be taking care of them….after all, the paarents are sill ILLEGAL. This is not a depends ‘what is is”, AMNESTY is AMNESTY, just as a rose is a rose. Israel has long been the only arab nation to offer citizenship on arrival & while I find that most commendable, I wonder if the AJC has fully considered the increased difficulty of arriving at a ‘Constitutional” agreement will be with this EO. Our Beloved President Regan wanted to secure the border,reform policies & give amnesty. The cart got ahead of the horse with the amnesty leading. The rest has been cast into the proberbial ditch & we see what that has cost. This will only serve to increase the growth of an already out of control situation. We have given over 365 days a year to trick or treat nite to include a map to the closest social service office. Frankly, it’s time to shut the door & turn off the porch light!
    It’s unfortunate that many of these parents chose to be illegal trespassers & this would appear to be a humane method for the children. In reality, many of them have done & do far worse than trespass. So it bears the question…How ‘humane’ is it to force legal American citizens to live in fear..not freedom?