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9 thoughts on “Anyone But Obama? Be Careful What You Ask For

  1. Anonymous

    As Mark Levin says, I would vote for an empty orange juice can running against obama.

  2. DJ Redman

    Very well expressed views that I bet 99% of Tea Partiers would admit to being exactly how they feel, Bob. Anyone but Obama is exactly what they are trying to push on us in the next elections. I recently changed from Independent back to being a Republican registered voter due to what I feel is the need to try to re-install true conservatism back into the GOP and thus i will be a part of the Primaries. I changed to Ind. in ’99, because of the exact same moderate BULL they are doing today, as you expressed here, not a dang thing has changed- the GOP is left of center through and through. As you say, what has changed? Sure Reid controls the Senate, but the GOP moderates are still cutting deals and grand bargains with the progressive Socialists to the detriment of our freedoms and prosperity!

    Thank you Bob for laying out the absolute truth here and your efforts to turn this mess around.

    1. Bob Russell

      DJ, thank you very much for the kind words. It is people like you who will have to turn this around. We can do it if we just will. The TEA Party movement has inspired millions of people and given us the courage and confidence to carry on. You are not alone, that is my message and you got the message loud and clear. Thank you for your courage and your committment to making America a better place for all.

  3. Suze

    A-M-E-N. Well said – you must have been reading my mind. The truly grass roots organization, GOOOH, may be the only answer to GOP/GOB club, since the Tea Party does not offer up candidates. What I don’t understand is Palin endorsing McCain in the last election and then the RNC or RNCC reporting that they would be assisting with her legal bills, arising from a lawsuit in Alaska. She could not have endorsed anyone in the Arizona race. I will not contribute one red cent to RNC, only to those candidates who are true conservatives, especially after the election fiascos of 2008 and 2010. With your permission, let’s make this go viral~!

    1. Bob Russell

      Suze, if you know how to make it go viral go right ahead. Thak you very much for the kind words. Computers and the internet are not my storng points. I write the things I write to share. I hope to encourage ohters that we can each make a difference if we have the courage to stand on our values. We can win.

      1. Suze

        Bob, I’m not computer literate either but I belong to a tea party, 9-12 group, Oak Initiative, facebook, several other groups, including Americans overseas, volunteered to be a pollwatcher and will be attending a townhall meeting tomorrow. If each person forwards this, it won’t take long. Like DJ, I think you expressed the desire most conservatives have longed for and the only way I know is to spread the word. Realistically, there isn’t a “perfect” candidate but it would be great to at least “get closer” and not having to choose between the lesser of two evils again. I’m from Texas and I can tell you for sure that Ron Paul, Pick Rerry are certainly not the answer, neither is Romney or Gingrich. While I like Bachmann’s stand so far, I just don’t think she can beat Obama before the vitriolic left rips her to shreds. The point is, I just cannot sit by and watch things happen and feel guilty for not doing something about it. Remember this: One person with courage is a majority.

        1. Bob Russell

          Suze, send it to anyone you want to send it to. The idea is to recruit as many people as possible to stand up and make a difference. God Bless You God Bless Israel God Bless Amrica

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