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Conservatives Want to Turn U.S. into Pakistan .. or something

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  1. Kristof is a liberal…PERIOD! I’m not surprised as a conservative Republican by anything he says. Consider a recent bit of insincere excess in an article he wrote for his New York Times titled “Taking bin Laden’s Side”(1). He offered this:
    “Why do so many Republicans find strip clubs appropriate for the ground zero neighborhood but object to a house of worship? Are lap dances more sanctified than an earnest effort to promote peace?”(1)

    Have you heard any notable Republicans declare such? Of course not. Businesses in existence already are not the issue and he damned well knows it. A proposed ‘newcomer’ of dubious qualities coming to that neighborhood and the ‘true’ motivation for it IS THE ISSUE and he damned well knows that too.

    This observation was relating his sarcastic excess to the opposition for the so-called Ground Zero mosque. In this same article our liberal bleeding heart offers that he is good friends with the folks behind the mosque effort.
    “And this is an earnest effort. I know Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan — the figures behind the Islamic community center — and they are the real thing. Because I have written often about Arab atrocities in Darfur and about the abuse of women in Islamic countries, some Muslim leaders are wary of me. But Imam Feisal and Ms. Khan are open-minded and have been strong advocates for women within Islam.”(1)

    Anyone who is familiar with Kristof knows he is an intelligent, worldly and well-educated fellow and one of his driving humanistic endeavors is the disaster that was and is Darfur in Africa. and how the UN and world stood by and watched a mini-holocaust take place. Having acknowledged that reality it is naive to place your respect and adoration on one because he pays some lip-service to a human rights women’s rights cause you have devoted yourself to. AND..it is definitively ignorant of the real record of history to equivocate on militant Islam like this:
    “The second misconception underlying this debate is that Islam is an inherently war-like religion that drives believers to terrorism. Sure, the Islamic world is disproportionately turbulent, and mullahs sometimes cite the Koran to incite murder.”(1)

    An intelligent person making one statement that contradicts the other back-to-back. Worse though in the same article he immediately goes on to minimize militant Islam and give his revisionist view of the immediate past history in the Middle East.

    Enough of Kristof already. I despise disingenuous intellectual retards who parade themselves about as holier-than-thou messengers from Mount Olympus. This character and Paul Krugman are fallaciously motivated brethren of the Fourth Estate.

    (1) http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/22/opinion/22kristof.html