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The Biggest Offshore Wind Project in the US Is Underway

By Vanessa Bates Ramirez From the steady growth in market share of electric cars to continuous improvement and expansion of solar energy technology, it appears the world is going renewable—the age of fossil fuels is slowly but surely being left behind. For whatever reason, wind power doesn’t get as much love as solar, but it’s growing quickly, with massive new ...

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Green New Deal? Wind Power ‘Dropped Off’ The Grid During Polar Vortex

Allie Beth Stuckey and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

As Congress debates the Green New Deal, which calls for a massive increase in renewable energy use, new reports show wind energy “dropped off” as frigid Arctic air descended on the eastern U.S. earlier this year. “An earlier than expected drop in wind, primarily caused by cold weather cutoffs, increased risk of insufficiency for morning peak,” according to a report ...

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A New Study Could Spell Trouble For The Future Of Wind Energy

Wind energy resources have been in sharp decline in regions all across the world, according to a study conducted by Chinese researchers. After analyzing data from over 1,000 weather stations around the world, a team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that 67 percent had witnessed an extensive decrease in wind power potential over the course of nearly ...

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Shepherds Flat Wind Farm – More DOE Subsidies

What We Are Up Against Justin Rolfe-Redding, a doctoral student at George Mason University, discussed ways for wind-energy proponents to get their message out. Rolfe-Redding said that polling data showed that “after reading arguments for and against wind, wind lost support.” Rolfe-Redding continued, “The things people are educated about are a real deficit for us.” After discussing the pros and ...

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