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Climate Experts Suggest Trump Was Right When He Blamed California’s Wildfires On Land Management

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Climate experts are apparently backing President Donald Trump’s repeated arguments that California’s wildfires were a result of poor land management rather than climate change-driven, E&E reported Thursday. Roughly 75% of damage stemming from California’s wildfires was a result of “the way we manage lands and develop our landscape,” Scott Stephens, a professor of fire science at the University of California, ...

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Australian Police Have Charged Several People For Intentionally Setting Bushfires. Activists Blamed Climate Change

New South Wales police have charged more than 20 people for deliberately starting fires across Australia as the country beats back wildfires. Activists and celebrities say climate change played a part in the blaze. The NSW Police Force has taken legal action against 180 people since the end of 2019, according to local reports. Australian fires have killed 18 people ...

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Here’s How Goats Prevent California’s Wildfires From Consuming Ronald Reagan’s Library

Officials who run former President Ronald Reagan’s library in California use goats to eat dried brush and grass around the building that often act as an accelerate for the state’s ferocious wildfires. Nearly 300 goats maul their way through the dry grasses around the Simi Valley library The Los Angeles Times noted in a report Wednesday. The report laid out ...

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California Evacuates 100K People As Wildfire Ravages Parts Of Los Angeles

California officials evacuated roughly 100,000 people from their homes as a wildfire plows through the northern edge of Los Angeles, AP reported Friday. The wind-driven has damaged more than 25 homes and 23,000 residences are under evacuation orders, officials say. The fire began Thursday night and extended more than 7 square miles by Friday morning, Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas told ...

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Celebrities, Politicians Spew Misinformation as They Fear Monger Over Amazon Fires

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, along with other celebrities and athletes, are spreading misinformation about a recent spate of Amazon fires in Brazil to generate attention. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo shared an image Aug. 22 on Facebook and Twitter, which included the caption: “It’s our responsibility to help to save our planet.” The photo, which showed a dramatic view of smoke and ...

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California’s Largest Utility Goes Bankrupt Under Billions In Wildfire Debt

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), California’s largest utility company, filed for bankruptcy at midnight on Tuesday, seeking to escape potentially $30 billion in liabilities, CBS News reports. The company announced its plans to pursue bankruptcy protection two weeks ago after its CEO, Geisha Williams, stepped down reportedly over fallout from the utility’s wildfire debt. PG&E said then that bankruptcy “represents ...

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Federal Judge Faults California Utility As ‘Most Reoccurring Cause’ Of Wildfires

A federal court “tentatively” found that equipment owned by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is the “most reoccurring cause” of wildfires that scorched the state in the past two years, NBC News reports. U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup issued the ruling Thursday. Since 2017, power lines owned by PG&E, California’s largest utility, have sparked more wildfires throughout the state ...

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California Faces New Energy Crisis After State’s Largest Utility Files For Bankruptcy

California faces a new energy crisis with the bankruptcy of its biggest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric. PG&E has at least $30 billion in liabilities stemming from deadly wildfires sparked by its equipment. The bankruptcy raises questions about grid reliability, power prices and state green energy goals. Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) bankruptcy filing Monday will force California officials to ...

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California’s Largest Utility Plans Bankruptcy As CEO Makes For The Exit

Geisha Williams is stepping down as the CEO of PG&E Corp., the largest utility in the U.S., while potential liability over recent California wildfires drives the company into bankruptcy.Watch the latest video at foxnews.com PG&E announced Williams’s departure Sunday and its plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a day later. Investigators found that the power utility had caused 17 ...

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Murder Charges, Sell Off Or Bankruptcy Are All On Table For California’s Biggest Utility After Deadly Wildfires

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), California’s largest electric utility, faces a range of consequences as a result of deadly wildfires that have ravaged the state. In the last two years, California has been hit with a number of destructive wildfires — resulting in a high number of deaths. One of these fires — the Camp Fire — burned around ...

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Years Of Bad Land Management Led To One Of California’s Most Devastating Wildfires

An in-depth investigation found that federal, state and local governments were aware of California’s vulnerability to wildfires, but failed to take the necessary steps to prevent its devastation. California residents have recently been forced to deal with some of the worst wildfires in the state’s history. Over the course of a 13-month period that began in October 2017, four major ...

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2018 Wildfires Will Cost California Total Economic Losses of $400 Billion

The total economic loss to the state of California due to the historic and damaging wildfires, once everything is tabulated, will be $400 billion in 2018, making it the most expensive natural disaster in the history of the United States, according to Dr. Joel Myers, AccuWeather Founder and President. This is four-tenths of a trillion dollars or equivalent to 2% of the nation’s GDP, which is approximately $20 ...

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