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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson In Accident After Protester Reportedly Darted Into Road, Spokesperson Says

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was involved in a car accident Wednesday after a protester reportedly dashed into the middle of the road. Johnson’s Jaguar came to an abrupt stop after a police motorcycle leading his convoy slammed on the brakes inches from an elderly Kurdish protester who jutted into the road. The Range Rover following closely behind Johnson’s coupe ...

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UK’s Conservatives Fire A Warning Shot At Boris Johnson After Britain Throws In With Huawei

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced stiff resistance Tuesday from conservative lawmakers who are worried the country’s association with China’s Huawei constitutes a national security risk. Britain announced in January that it will allow Huawei to build out 5G network infrastructure while denying it access to some of Britain’s government sites. The announcement has not gone over well with some ...

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‘Stop Meddling In Hong Kong Affairs’: China Acknowledges Detention Of Missing Hong Kong British Consulate Employee

China acknowledged the detention of a Hong Kong British consulate employee Wednesday who was reported missing to police Aug. 9. Simon Cheng’s family said the 28-year-old did not return from a business trip to Shenzhen Aug. 8 in a Wednesday Facebook post, saying, “We feel very helpless and are worried sick about Simon. We hope Simon can return to Hong ...

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Boris Johnson To Be UK’s Next Prime Minister

Brexiteer Boris Johnson secured his position as the United Kingdom’s next prime minister Tuesday after members of the Conservative (Tory) Party elected him to replace outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May. Johnson, the Conservative member of Parliament (MP) for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, previously served as May’s foreign secretary until he called it quits in July 2018, citing his opposition to ...

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Says It Seized British Oil Tanker

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said Friday it had seized a British oil tanker because it violated international maritime law, hours after the United Kingdom extended its detention of an Iranian tanker. The British tanker, known as the Stena Impero, was headed for Saudi Arabia when it switched course for Iranian waters, reported The Wall Street Journal. “We are presently unable ...

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Split Views on Trump in the United Kingdom

With the visit of United States President Donald Trump in the United Kingdom for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, there were a few clashes among local politicians, along with some royal praises. Before his arrival, President Trump slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a series of tweets. President Trump and Mayor Khan have had a longstanding rivalry since Khan’s election. ...

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Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party Is Clear Winner In UK European Parliament Elections

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party snagged 29 of the United Kingdom’s European Parliament seats in Sunday’s election just days after Brexit-bungling Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation from the UK’s top political post. The Brexit Party was the “clear winner” of the UK’s European elections according to BBC, especially when compared with May’s Tories. The Tories earned four seats. “With ...

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British PM Theresa May To Resign After Bungling Brexit

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May said she would resign from her position Friday after nearly two years of taking Great Britain on a bungled path toward Brexit. May survived two votes of no confidence — one from her own Conservative members of Parliament (MPs) in Decemberand another from the House of Commons in January. But her time ran out ...

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Traffic Jams, Mass Arrests, Piles Of Litter: Five Days Of Climate Change Protests Rock London

Climate change protesters have descended on London for the past five days, demanding the government take action on global warming. London police have arrested hundreds of protesters with the group Extinction Rebellion. Critics say Extinction Rebellion is more about promoting “Marxism” than actually tackling global warming. Climate change protesters have spent the last five days making Londoners’ daily commute difficult ...

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UK Seeks To Protect Children On Social Media By Banning Likes

The United Kingdom is taking steps to protect children’s privacy on social media by banning ‘nudge tactics’ which encourage users to spend more time online. The Information Commissioner’s Office provided the document “Age appropriate design: a code of practice for online services” which explains that the U.K. wants to protect children within the internet rather than to ban children from ...

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UK’s Theresa May Agrees To Delay Brexit Deadline 6 Months

The United Kingdom was supposed to figure out the terms of its exit — or Brexit — from the European Union by March 29, but UK Prime Minister Theresa May agreed Thursday to delay for a second time, this time until Oct. 31. However, May says she hopes her country can figure out Brexit before the six-month deadline and leave ...

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Tolerance: Muslim Asylum Seeker Imprisoned For Killing Wife Who Converted To Christianity

A U.K. court sentenced a Muslim Iranian asylum seeker to jail Thursday for stabbing his wife to death, allegedly for her having converted to Christianity. Iranian asylum seeker Dana Abdullah stabbed Avan Najmadiein, his estranged wife and 32-year-old mother of four, 50 times in October and left her to die after discovering that she refused to support his application to ...

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Theresa May Is Reaching Out To The Socialists To Try To Save Her Awful Brexit Deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May is reaching across the aisle for help from the United Kingdom’s left-wing Labour Party to close out Brexit ahead of a looming deadline that has been previously delayed. May announced she was seeking yet another short-term extension on Brexit beyond an April 12 deadline Tuesday, reported Reuters. She also said she will broker the deal ...

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UK Health Council Investigates Muslim Psychologist Who Endorses ‘Lashing And Killing Gay People’

A Muslim psychologist in the U.K. is facing an investigation over her support for a campaign that promotes death as a penalty for homosexuality. The Health and Care Professions Council launched an investigation against Dr. Kate Godfrey-Faussett concerning her fitness to practice psychology, given her support for the Stop Relationship and Sex Education campaign.  Godfrey-Faussett, who converted to Islam 25 ...

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U.K. scouts remove God from pledge

  In the wake of a controversial Boy Scouts of America vote allowing openly gay members, traditional scouting was dealt another blow by administrators in Great Britain. The Girl Guides and Brownies programs overseas have pledged to “love God” for more than a century, but a recent decision scrapped that portion of the oath for more politically correct, humanist language. The program’s ...

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