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Lyft, Uber Continue Operating In California After Court Delays Order Forcing Them To Reclassify Drivers

Uber and Lyft will continue operating in California after a court issued a stay on an order forcing the ride sharing apps to reclassify their independent workers as full-time employees, The Washington Post reported Thursday. Both companies had threatened to suspend services in California after a court gave them 10 days from Aug. 10 to make drivers employees, The Post ...

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Uber Might Temporarily End Service In California Over Law Classifying Drivers As Employees, CEO Says

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi suggested Wednesday that the ride-sharing app will likely close down for several months in California if a court doesn’t overturn a ruling that changes the classification of the company’s drivers to full-time employees. “If the court doesn’t reconsider, then in California, it’s hard to believe we’ll be able to switch our model to full-time employment quickly,” ...

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Uber To Buy Major Food Delivery App In $2.65 Billion Deal

Uber has agreed to a $2.65 billion takeover of food delivery competitor Postmates, the company said in a statement Monday. “Uber and Postmates have long shared a belief that platforms like ours can power much more than just food delivery—they can be a hugely important part of local commerce and communities, all the more important during crises like COVID-19,” Uber ...

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Putting a Price on Moral Exhibitionism

Moral exhibitionists are people who make a point out of taking a very public ‘moral’ stands on an issue. This posturing costs them nothing and imposes the burden of paying for their sanctimony on others. Examples include union organizers who don’t even own a lemonade stand demanding a $15/hr. ‘living wage’. Wealthy leftists demanding action to fight global warming. And ...

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New York Labor Groups Eye California’s Bill That Would Recognize Uber, Lyft Drivers As Employees

Some New York labor groups have expressed interest in changing New York gig-worker laws to resemble California’s AB5 bill. AB5, which passed California’s state Senate last week and is expected to be signed into law soon, would recognize some rideshare drivers as employees rather than independent contractors. New York Independent Drivers Guild Executive Director Brendan Sexton said he does not ...

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Uber, Lyft Prepared To Spend $90 Million Against Bill That Would Turn Drivers into Employees

Silicon Valley giants Uber, Lyft and DoorDash are willing to spend $90 million to lobby against a California bill that would recognize drivers as employees rather than independent contractors. Some companies recognize employees as gig workers to avoid paying payroll taxes, above-minimum wages, overtime and complying with other wage and benefit requirements. Several 2020 Democratic candidates including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth ...

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Former Uber Exec Indicted For Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets From Google

A federal grand jury indicted a former Google executive for allegedly stealing documents from the company that contained troves of information related to the Silicon Valley giant’s self-driving car technology, federal officials noted Tuesday. The indictment alleges that Anthony Levandowski, who abruptly resigned from Google in January 2016, downloaded 14,000 files containing information about Google’s autonomous-vehicle research. He then made ...

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Ride-Hailing Company Uber Reports $5 Billion Dollar Loss

Uber Technologies, Inc. announced Thursday that it lost over $5 Billion last quarter, and experienced its slowest revenue growth ever. The world’s largest ride-hailing company disclosed the loss along with second-quarter results that included $3.1 billion in quarterly revenue, up only 14% from last year and its slowest reported growth ever, The New York Times reported. “We think that 2019 ...

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What We Learned From Uber Making Its IPO Filing Public

Uber made its initial public offering public of Thursday ahead of a public listing that experts say could set records. The ride-sharing company changed the U.S. transportation landscape after it was founded in 2009 but has faced many controversies, including a lawsuit related to alleged sexual assaults committed by fake Uber drivers and a late March strike by Los Angeles ...

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South Carolina Student Killed After Getting Into Car She Thought Was Her Uber: Police

A University of South Carolina student was killed after getting into a car she thought was her Uber Friday, according to police. Samantha Josephson, 21, got into the black Chevrolet Impala in Columbia, South Carolina early Friday morning. Her body was dumped 65 miles away in a wooded area in Clarendon County and was found by hunters Friday afternoon, The ...

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Bipartisanship Is Another Word for Ignoring the Base

Here’s how the Opposition Media’s beloved “bipartisan cooperation” works among the residents of Incumbentstan here in Washington, DC. Republicans join leftists to proudly pass a “prison reform” bill that is of absolutely no importance to the conservative base that keeps Washington country club conservatives in office. But all passage of “prison reform” really proves is Curator of the Senate Mitch ...

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Oops! Driverless Uber involved in serious crash

Uber headless car crash

As if Uber didn’t have enough bad news with scandals and such, photos posted to twitter Friday show a driverless uber on its side after a collision with another car. BREAKING: Self-driving Uber vehicle on it’s side after a collision in Tempe, AZ. Photos by @fresconews user Mark Beach pic.twitter.com/5NCF2KG0rW — Fresco News (@fresconews) March 25, 2017 Uber just started ...

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San Francisco Too Expensive for Socialists to Live There

Leftists have been so successful at turning San Francisco into a “social justice” paradise that it’s getting harder for the rank–and–file cultural socialist to afford to live there. Statists who are already residents are being squeezed by higher property taxes and rising rent, while lefties who make their own Hajj to Bagdad–on–the–Bay and want to remain in the city can’t ...

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New Era Companies Increasingly Rejecting Gun Rights

Whether its because they’re based in a liberal bastion or bending to political pressure, next gen companies are increasingly adopting gun-unfriendly policies. A few years ago, GE (GE Capitol) stopped providing 90-day same as cash financing for firearms sales. Marisa at RAM Arms in Durham said that the change forced them to choose between loan shark-like credit companies and offering layaway only. ...

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