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Current State of the USMCA Trade Agreement

The U.S. – Mexico – Canada agreement, USMCA, was agreed to by all three nations last year, so where is it now and when will Congress vote on it? Trade Promotion Authority The White House is currently working USMCA through the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) process. This process allows for the agreement to move through Congress without amendments or filibuster. ...

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What the Heck Happened This Week (WTH Weekly) – 6-19-15

Lying former anchorman of NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams, found a home at MSNBC. In other news: MSNBC’s credibility as a news source remains unchanged. Young man on a prescription drug known to cause violent behavior murders 9 people in South Carolina. News focuses on race, the weapon and the confederate flag. No one seems to think there’s an issue with ...

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Obamatrade Passes House, Headed to Senate

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) has passed the House of Representatives bolstering President Obama’s push to make a landmark trade deal a lasting legacy for his troubled presidency. The measure passed on a close 218-208 vote with moderate Democrats and Republicans coming together to push it through. The bill grants Obama so-called “fast-track” authority which allows him to negotiate trade agreements. ...

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What’s In It?

  Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) will likely have an even crappier effect on the economy and populace than Obamacare. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that TPA will be used to secretly negotiate will crush privacy, jobs and the sovereignty of these United States of America.

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