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Defensive: Kremlin Downplays Role Of Former Official Rumored To Be CIA Mole

The Kremlin’s top spokesman confirmed Tuesday that a man rumored in the Russian press to be a longtime CIA asset worked in the Russian government, but in a low-level position. Dmitry Peskov fielded inquiries about Oleg Smolenkov, who Russian media outlets identified as the possible government official who spied for decades on behalf of the U.S. government. In an interview, ...

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Connections: Fusion GPS and the Trump Dossier

Fusion GPS is the political research firm responsible for the creation and publicizing of false information in the infamous Trump dossier authored by Christopher Steele. The Democratic party opposition research firm is now accused of being an unregistered foreign agent due to undisclosed ties to the Russian government. Follow the Money: Fusion GPS Where did the money for the Trump ...

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Time’s New Cover Illustrates Its Bias

Time Magazine Cover White House Kremlin

Time Magazine released its new cover Thursday showing the White House transmuting into the Kremlin. Our new cover this morning, it's been a decade since @TIME did not have a cover line https://t.co/7iWyl0gOuY pic.twitter.com/YHfbLSQ8Lw — Matt Vella (@mattvella) May 18, 2017 The tweet announcing the cover leads to “Trump’s Loyalty Test” – an article that displays the White House as ...

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