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Job Growth Accelerates in April

Workers at New Balance

Job growth accelerated in April, reversing Marches downward move, according to a report from the Department of Labor released Friday. 211,000 new jobs helped the unemployment rate fall to a 10-year low of 4.4%. Jobs Numbers Nonfarm payrolls increased by 211,000 Seasonally adjusted U3 unemployment rate: 4.4% (-.1%) Broader U6 unemployment: 8.6% (-.3%) Number of unemployed persons (27+ weeks): 7.1 ...

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Jobless in America?

  92 Million people forced out of the job market and they say we need amnesty to fill jobs that Americas won’t do? See more A.F.Branco Cartoons here

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Sandy not to blame for dismal jobs report

The AP reported today that this week’s terrible unemployment numbers were due to fallout from Sandy – the storm that hit the Northeast last week. On its face, the excuse holds merit. When digging into the data, it looks like AP over-interpreted a footnote thereby giving the Administration a pass on an awful report. The Labor Department said applications increased ...

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Questionable jobs report: Unemployment hits 7.8% in September “Unexpectedly”

Despite slowing job growth, strangely, the key unemployment rate fell .3% to 7.8% due to an unexpected upward 86,000 job revision by the Department of Labor. Secretary Solis spent the morning defending the rosy unemployment rate that is based on questionable revisions. Upwardly revising public sector employment  by tens of thousands of jobs in the report out just after her ...

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Media Ignores Massive TARP Fraud and Theft

For Americans who still choose to get their news from the mainstream media corporations at ABC, NBC, and CBS, the news that 77% of the TARP bailout money has been repaid to the taxpayer seems like a marvelous revelation. Considering that that is about all the public has been told concerning the TARP taxpayer cash giveaway sweepstakes, the following information will ...

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