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Trump’s EPA Tells California Gov. Newsom His State’s Homeless Population Is Destroying The Environment

The Trump administration will tell California Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday that his state’s homeless population is hurting the environment, a move that ratchets up the president’s political war with the country’s biggest blue state. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler wrote a letter to the governor citing multiple instances of California failing to meet federal water-quality standards, noting that the ...

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Proposed Embarcadero Waterfront Homeless Shelter Not A Treat For San Francisco Residents

The Port Commission of San Francisco is set to approve a prime Embarcadero waterfront location for what will be the largest homeless shelter in the city. The facility, called a “SAFE Navigation Center,” will house at least 200 people and provide comprehensive social services for the area’s homeless, including care for pets and access to storage. “SAFE” stands for “Shelter ...

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Homelessness Up For Second Year In A Row

The Department of Housing and Urban Development issued an annual report to Congress on Monday, finding that despite a strong economy, homelessness in the United States has risen slightly for the second year in a row. After seven years of decline, homelessness in the U.S. rose about 0.3 percent to 552,830 people, according to HUD’s report. This is an increase ...

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Addressing America’s Homeless Population

On any given night, there are over 550,000 homeless Americans Despite efforts by local governments to address the problem, the homeless population across America is increasing for the first time since the Great Recession. Local governments across the country are failing their citizens and making the homeless epidemic worse. It’s time for the United States to approach this problem differently.

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What If Obamacare Sold Homeowner’s Insurance?

If homeowner’s insurance worked like Obamacare, in no time at all homelessness would be a viable option for residents trying to lower their insurance cost. Under Obamahome, construction contractors would talk endlessly about how compassionate their employees are. Edgy companies would assert that dealing with an English–speaking crew makes rebuilding your home a breeze. But no company would be talking ...

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