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Obama Blames GSA Scandal On Bush – But For The GSA There’s Much More

President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration’s response to a General Services Administration (GSA) scandal over spending over $800,000 on a conference in Las Vegas, NV, in 2010, is to blame former president George Walker Bush. The Obama administration is responding to the recent report that shows a federal agency spent lavishly on a conference by trying to shift some ...

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Martha Johnson Resigns: Details On the $820,000 Conference

By now you’ve heard about a department that almost no one had ever head of (the GSA) spending over $800,000 on a conference that included clowns and a mind reader.  But it doesn’t take too much brain power to realize that for so much money to be spent, there had to be more at play.  This Bill O’Reilly video is ...

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