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U2 Forced to Cancel Show Due to Antifa/BLM Violence

The unfolding mayhem in the streets of St. Louis that began on Friday will likely continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future as agitators feed the fire and police are facing overwhelming odds to keep order. The acquittal of a former cop who killed a black man in 2011 after a high-speed chase resulted in street protests that ...

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Martha MacCallum Grills Director of Discredited Michael Brown Documentary

Jason Pollock Strager Fruit documentary Michael Brown fake

‘Stranger Fruit’ director Jason Pollock attempts to defend the heavily edited footage and discredited information in his propagandist film on the Michael Brown shooting. Pollock starts out the interview visibly irritated and that’s about as pleasant as he gets. Later in the interview, the amateur filmmaker begins shouting at Martha in typical snowflake fashion. Jason used a heavily edited version ...

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War Zone Baltimore: Night Falls

A series of miscalculations and missteps by Baltimore leadership and police has resulted in massive looting, several police getting hospitalized and property getting destroyed – and that was during the day. As night descends on “Charm City”, the days events appear to be just the beginning. The darkness lends camouflage to the criminals and thugs. The groups are splintering into ...

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Yes, Mr. Holder, Words Matter

Eric Holder

In February of 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama spoke to a campaign rally crowd in Wisconsin and declared that “words matter.” In shaping the image that was the centerpiece of the “idea of Obama,” he ginned-up an air of intellectualism using the tactic of manipulating through emotion, a potent tool in the Progressive war chest. “Don’t tell me words don’t matter,” ...

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