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Qualities You Need to Start Your Own Business According to Simon Arias

Bring Small Business Back

Starting your own business is a great way of taking control of your life and shaping your own future. However, it can also be very challenging and this is why you need to have certain qualities if you want to start a business that flourishes and become successful. Business expert, Simon Arias, believes that having the right qualities can make ...

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How to launch and grow a startup

Launching and growing a startup - infographic

Launching an idea is much more complicated than coming up with one. Once an idea just won’t leave you be, it’s time to think about execution. This infographic organizes some of the greatest thoughts on launching and growing a startup from the top minds that have launched or funded the best in the country. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

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Entrepreneurship Not Government, Can Save Our Country

America woke up on November 7th to find a transformed country, but that is what Obama promised anyway, so why were we surprised. We are now a big Government country; it seems America has chosen to have big Government in charge of our lives, boy how America has changed. We are a far cry from where we started, history has ...

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