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Confederate flag flies over GOP debate site

An airplane dragging a huge Confederate flag flew over the North Charleston, South Carolina site where tonight’s republican debate is to be held. Confederate flag banner flying over SC GOP debate. Unclear who paid for it pic.twitter.com/04BohBne8n — Kasie Hunt (@kasie) January 14, 2016 The pilot was also dragging a banner that read “No Votes for Turncoats” an apparent afront to ...

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WTH Weekly -06-28-15 – the week in review

Continuing the WTH (“what the heck” happened) series, this week we look at Obama’s Iran capitulation, a rocket explodes,Greece implodes, single payer closer than thought, gay marriage and concealed carry, Obamacare subsidies, flags of our forefathers, Jindal enters the race and more! Shockingly, Obama isn’t serious about the Iran nuclear talks. Today, reports surfaced that Obama has given into Iran’s demands ...

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Populism, Racism and the Left

Somehow, as seems to be the case with every tragedy that occurs in America, the tragic murder of nine people in South Carolina by a racist murderer has been hijacked for political gain. Any Republican who doesn’t publicly repudiate the Confederate flag as a symbol of segregation and oppression and call for its immediate removal from South Carolina government grounds ...

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