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Surprise: Even College Students believe the booming economy is thanks to Trump [video]

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips asked young college students which president they believed deserved credit for the red-hot American economy just days after former President Barack Obama made a speech saying that it was all his doing. “When you hear how great the economy’s doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started,” Obama said in the speech. While working-class ...

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How Hillary’s Cribs and Campus Reform Got to Millennials [Video]

Cabot Phillips candidates cribs video

Millennials have proven immune to negative news about Hillary Clinton. They were all in – no matter what she did until… Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform brought out his “Candidate’s Cribs” game board and invited young people to play. On the board were four mansions: The Embassy Estate – $5,700,000 The Countryside Castle – $1,700,000 The Hampton Hideaway – $11,000,000 The ...

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