NYT & MSM in overdrive “covering” the Human Sacrifice Industrial Complex

What happens in the first six weeks of pregnancy is a function of he who has ears and wants to hear: 

The New York Times and Legacy Media seem to be working overtime on behalf of the Human Sacrifice Industrial Complex as evidenced by the clustering map below, with headlines like:

headlines like:

What Happens in the First Six Weeks of Pregnancy?

Florida is set to ban abortions after six weeks. Experts explain how that can often be before a woman knows she is pregnant

Inside an Abortion Clinic Day’s Before Florida’s Six-Week Ban Takes Effect

“The sky was still dark outside the clinic, but two women were already sitting quietly in the small, beige waiting room while Candace Dye and her staff prepared for an extremely busy morning. It was a few minutes past 5 a.m. on one of the last days it would be legal to get an abortion until 15 weeks of pregnancy in Florida, and A Woman’s World Medical Center in Fort Pierce was completely booked”.

Tracking Abortion Van’s Across the Country

With Abortion and the Border, Arizona Becomes a 2024 Political Hothouse

A battle over abortion bans and criminal charges against allies of former President Donald J. Trump continue to raise the state’s election-year profile.

On Emergency Abortion Access, Justices Seem Sharply Divided

The case, which could reverberate beyond Idaho to over a dozen other states with abortion bans, is the second time in less than a month that the justices have heard an abortion case.

Abortion Data Wars: States and Cities Debate How Much Information to Collect

Some states with Republican-controlled legislatures want more data, while some controlled by Democrats want less,

So,  what happens in the first week of pregnancy? What happens in the first six weeks of pregnancy is a function of he who has ears and wants to hear: One sees an opportunity to offer a Human Sacrifice to appease the Human Sacrifice Industrial Complex gods

Another sees an opportunity to offer a Spritual Sacrifice to God, for the glory of God is a human being fully alive.

For scientists like Pfizer’s Dr Becci Corkillcites the Knowledge Doubling Curve  to assure us that Covid Vaccine is safe to take.The same people, including  California’s governor Gavin Newsom argue that after 120 billion births, doctors  have learned ZERO about pregnancy, hence  Maternal Mortality.
Speaking for progressives, Whoopi Goldberg,  BarbraStreisand and orhers says that women need to get rid of the Toxic Thing inside them. Others argue the toxicity is in their heart, not in the womb

Some 40- 70 million babies have been murdered since RoevWade,  mostly of color.  The African-American nuclear family is  extinct and there is a fatherlesssness crisis as a result. 

How many more lives must be lost before you call it  Black Genocide?

This disregard for life, promoted by the most pro-abortion administration in America’s history, needs to be stopped now.

But the Legacy Media  in lockstep with the Biden Administrstion shows  the Hypocrisy of Progressives’ Concern for Human Life

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