“We Did”, So What Happens Next

Joe Biden stood at the podium, looked into the camera, and with his strongest demeanor, said, “Don’t” to Iran. Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin took up the verbal sword and uttered the same demand to Iran, “Don’t.” Well, we saw throughout the night from Saturday into Sunday what Iran thinks of the warnings of our Big 3 Dream Team. They did not go to the microphone but to the trigger and said to Israel, America, and the rest of the Free World, “We Did.” It took hours for the slow-moving drones, IBMs, and cruise missiles to travel from Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen to their target, Israel. Nearly 300 projectiles were launched at the small country of Israel. Because of the sophisticated Israeli defense system and the help of their allies, they managed to intercept 99% of the airborne weapons before they could reach their targets. Iran’s mission to inflict harm on Israel was a failure, but Iran had to see what the outcome would be, so what was the real purpose of this show of aggression?

First, the claim of this being the first attack by Iran on Israel has to be qualified. Iran has been supporting, if not manipulating, Hamas and Hezbollah since this conflict began on October 7. The only difference is the attack, this time, came directly from the territory of Iran. The apparent goal of Iran is to destabilize the Middle East. They see the division in the United States and sense weak support of Israel by America and want to seize on that divide to shake up the Middle East. Countries are choosing sides. Iran has the support of Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and, behind the scenes, Russia and China. Israel has the United States, England, Jordan, and France helping in their defense. The U.S. is calling for restraint from Israel, but Israel says they will do what is necessary to protect their sovereignty.

The escalation in the Middle East from a conflict between Hamas and Israel to a more widespread situation across the region means we now have two major hot spots, the other being Ukraine, that have started under Biden’s watch. This is terrible news for America as it shows a lack of respect for America and fear of Joe Biden. The world, especially our adversaries, knows that Joe Biden has weakened our military, has a poor grasp on foreign affairs, and has an ineffective team in Harris, Blinken, and Austin. China will back Iran, knowing that the Middle East will occupy our attention, drawing it away from Taiwan. Our military is not capable of involvement in multiple theaters.

Nobody in the Middle East wants or can afford a prolonged conflict in the region. The attention now falls on Israel as the world waits to see how she responds to the Iranian aggression. Iran is calling Saturday’s attack a limited first wave and, of course, warns Washington to stay out of the fight. Biden has to be looking to end this quickly, as two international conflicts and the disaster at our southern border will not play well with voters in November. Biden’s number one problem is the man in the mirror. He is not equipped, nor has he surrounded himself with qualified people to handle everything on his plate. This will be a good lesson to show that Woke and Diverse are no match for strong and competent. A bad lesson for Joe. A bad experience for America.

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