“Don’t” Is Not A Foreign Policy

The ground shook in Tehran as Ali Khamenei, the 84 year old supreme leader of Iran, shook in his boots as he listened to President Joe Biden give his terse warning to Iran about attacking Israel. Biden looked into the camera, mustered all of his intestinal fortitude, and barked a single word that he thought would instill fear in the rogue country, “Don’t.” Without another sound, he turned and shuffled away from the podium. He had spoken. It was feckless, but why should we expect more from this man who has disappointed us daily during his presidency?

I can imagine Biden had a similar effect on Benjamin Netanyahu as he listened to the American President, and it just adds to the confusing message of support that Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have been delivering since the October 7 attack last year. One day, Biden is pledging unwavering military support for our greatest ally in the Middle East, and the next day, he is condemning Israel’s strategy and tactics. Since World War II, American support for the sovereignty and safety of Israel has been unconditional except for two Presidencies, Obama and Biden.

Nobody, except for China and Russia, has done more to bolster and finance Iran’s effort to become a nuclear threat, continue to be the biggest supporter of worldwide terrorism, and pledge to destroy Israel and America. President Trump had put a stranglehold on Iran with restrictions, sanctions, and freezing Iranian funds in America. These efforts had put Iran in a poor financial situation, which curbed their hostile actions. Joe Biden reversed all of Trump’s decisions and set Iran free to pursue their devious plans once again. Billions of dollars were immediately available. For four years, we had this threat under control, but just like our border and the streets of America, Biden unleashed fury on America with no apparent purpose other than negating any Trump act. That is not a foreign policy position, but we were warned that Biden has never been on the correct side of any foreign decision.

As I am writing this article, Iran has launched an unknown number of drones aimed at Israel, so much for Don’t. These drones are slow moving, and we do not know if cruise missiles will be launched as a second wave, but this is a critical moment in the Middle East conflict. This drone launch is the first direct attack from Iran and expands the breadth of the conflict. Israel will react as needed, but all eyes will be on Biden and the ample American assets in the area. Will we actively support Israel and go after Iran, or will we be empty threats, which is the track record of Biden’s administration?

This attack is risky for Iran, which is not popular with its people. They are performing to get attention from outside forces like China and Russia. They are trying to show strength. Tonight will tell how effective and strong Iran is, but the consensus is they will fall short. Israel is small in area but huge in heart. They will respond to defend themselves, but the bottom line is Iran would not have done this if America had a stronger leader. Again, Biden is the wrong man at the wrong time for world stability.

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