Come On Dems, Leave The Russians Alone

Hunter Biden appeared behind closed doors on Wednesday for questions from the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. The purpose of the hearing was to get Hunter’s testimony regarding his father’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings. Anyone with eyes and ears knows this family, the Biden Cartel, has been raking in millions of dollars from foreign countries and companies that needed influence from a Senator and Vice President who did little for this country but profited dearly by selling out this country.

I listened to a stream of Democrats exit the Hunter Biden hearing and spew the same sound bites that the Republicans are now in collusion with the Russians in their effort to take down this honorable President and his poor son, who should be championed for overcoming his drug and sex addictions. This is beyond laughable. These same Democrats, from Cortez to Raskin to Swalwell, used fabricated Russian lies and Dosiers to crush and cripple Donald Trump and his Presidency. They used a phony document paid for by Hillary Clinton and the transcript of a phone call with Ukraine officials to impeach Donald Trump, not once, but twice in his four-year term. They used this bogus information to prevent Trump from winning reelection and escorted Joe Biden from his basement to the Oval Office.

One after another, these Democrats went to the microphone and delivered their practiced lines. Despite the emails, phone calls, text messages, and first-hand testimony from former partners of Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother, they denied the obvious. They gaslighted the American people by saying that the Biden Three are good people guilty of nothing short of serving this great country.

You can bet the House that every talk show on mainstream media tonight will be condemning Comey and Jordan and fall just short of calling out the two reps for treason.

Give the Democrats credit. They have stomped down every Democrat candidate, avoided debates and interviews, and are winning every Primary as if they are unopposed. The Dems were embarrassed and must take note of the number of Democrats who voted against Biden and were uncommitted in Michigan; this movement was led by Rashida Tliab, who begged her Arab and Muslim followers not to support Biden because he is not making the ceasefire in Gaza a reality.

I do not want to see Joe Biden impeached because it will be an exercise in futility. Just like Mayorkas, the House can win a vote to impeach, but there is no chance in hell of the Senate ever voting to convict. And I certainly do not want Kamala Harris elevated to the Presidency by impeachment. I do not want to see Harris anywhere near the Resolute Desk. But I want to see Biden and his family suffer the pain of accountability for the sins of his career. Joe Biden is the poster child for career politicians who use the power of the incumbent to fend off any challenge to the cash cow job that is a Congressperson or Senator. There is little difference between Joe Biden and Bob Menendez, except far too many people need Biden in office for their own game. Menendez is low-hanging fruit to the Democrats.

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Ray Cardello

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