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Israel Defense Force: There Are Still Terrorists Attacking Israeli Communities

The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) announced early Friday that terrorists are still trying to attack Israel, albeit unsuccessfully (too bad Harvard and UNC students – your immature genocidal wishes will have to wait).

IDF Spokesman Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus shared that most of the recent terrorist attacks have resulted in the attackers being “repelled, killed, or taken into custody.”

But the most interesting portion of the update was with Col. Conricus said that the IDF had warned Gazan citizens to evacuate away from Gaza City.

“What I want to share with you first, is a humanitarian step,” Concricus said, “in order to minimize civilian casualties.” This is in great contrast to Hamas who always works to maximize civilian casualties through murder, rape and kidnapping.

Conricus said that the IDF sent a message, warning Gazans that they needed to evacuate to stay out of the war zone.

The IDF calls for the evacuation of all civilians of Gaza City from their homes southwards for their own safety and protection and move to the area south of the Wadi Gaza, as shown on the map. The Hamas terrorist organization waged a war against the State of Israel and Gaza City is an area where military operations take place. This evacuation is for your own safety. You will be able to return to Gaza City only when another announcement permitting it is made. Do not approach the area of the security fence with the State of Israel.

Hamas terrorists are hiding in Gaza City inside tunnels underneath houses and inside buildings populated with innocent Gazan civilians.

Civilians of Gaza City, evacuate south for your own safety and the safety of your families and distance yourself from Hamas terrorists who are using you as human shields.

In the following days, the IDF will continue to operate significantly in Gaza City and make extensive efforts to avoid harming civilians.


Obviously, the IDF is about to flatten Gaza City.

“Hamas terrorists are hiding in Gaza City inside tunnels underneath houses and inside buildings populated with innocent Gazan civilians,” the warning said.

“The IDF remains fully committed to the law of international conflict,” Conricus said. “In sharp contrast to the enemies around us.


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