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Another National Sports Body Bans Men From Competing In Women’s Division

British Rowing announced biological men will be banned from female-only competitions starting next month, according to The Times.

The organization said there is now an open category for anyone who is eligible to compete in it and also a separate category solely for biological women, according to the The Times. It also said that only biological women will be allowed to represent England in international rowing events.

“Having reviewed further scientific evidence, consulted with our members, and considered World Rowing’s updated guidance, we have decided to move to what we think is the fairest position for competition,” a statement from British Rowing reads.

British Rowing emphasized that it was not under political pressure to make the decision and says that over a dozen scientific, medical and activist groups were involved in the process, according to the statement.

“British Rowing is committed to promoting an environment in which rowing is accessible and inclusive and to ensure that we provide opportunities and enjoyment for everyone. In order to achieve this in a fair manner, we need to establish conditions for competition that guarantee fair and meaningful competition by placing necessary and proportionate restrictions on eligibility,” the statement reads.

Many Republicans in the United States want to ban trans athletes from women’s sports, and recently the House of Representatives passed a ban along party lines that has not yet made its way through the Senate. Many former female athletes like Paula Scanlan and Riley Gaines have been calling for biological men who identify as trans to be banned from women’s sports.

British Rowing did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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