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Record Number Of Migrants Using Biden Admin Phone App To Gain Legal Entrance Into The US

The Biden administration is allowing a record number of migrants to enter the U.S. via ports of entry through its phone application, known as CBP One, while touting a two-year low in illegal migration at the southern border, according to new data released Tuesday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

There were 99,495 illegal migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in June, while migrant encounters at ports of entry reached a new high of 45,026 after hitting 35,000 in May as the Biden administration has increased entry appointments via the CBP One phone app, according to CBP data. The last time the illegal migrant encounters dipped to such a low was after Biden entered office, when they surged to 97,643 in February 2021 after hitting 75,316.

The Biden administration has expanded the use of the CBP One phone app to allow roughly 40,000 migrants to enter the U.S. via ports of entry along the southern border. The number of migrants processed for entry via CBP One reached 38,000, according to CBP.

Roughly 170,000 migrants have successfully been able to use CBP One, according to CBP.

“Our sustained efforts to enforce consequences under our longstanding Title 8 authorities, combined with expanding access to lawful pathways and processes, have driven the number of migrant encounters along the Southwest border to their lowest levels in more than two years. We will remain vigilant,” Troy A. Miller, CBP Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner, said in a statement Tuesday regarding the data.

The CBP One program has come under the scrutiny of former Trump administration officials and some Republicans, who argue that it’s a “shell game” that brings migrants through the ports of entry that would otherwise cross illegally.

“There’s the lying to Congress, there’s the CBP One app, which is just this big shell game to produce automatic mass parole in violation of the laws passed by Congress. It is a wanton disregard for the separation of powers and the Constitution of the United States,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green recently told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Miller, however, says things are running smoothly at the southern border.

“As our June statistics show, CBP’s mission is vast, and thanks to the dedication of our personnel and Federal partners, we are delivering results that keep the American people safe: ensuring border security, seizing drugs, stopping the flow of illicit weapons, rescuing people in distress, facilitating lawful travel and trade, and stopping the entry of harmful agricultural pests,” Miller said in a statement.

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