It’s Time For A Big, Fat Gay Divorce From The Alphabet People

The G in LGBTQIA2S+ stands for “Guilt by association.” Normal gay people should flee the Alphabet People before we get fatally trampled.

The original gay rights movement operated within America’s broadly Jeffersonian ethos: Individuals enjoy the liberty to pursue happiness, if they do not limit the rights of others.

The Stonewall Uprising of 1969 won the right to enjoy drinks in gay bars without enduring police raids. Legal equality increased steadily thereafter.

The death of President Bill Clinton’s sadistic Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in 2011 let gays serve in the military, so long as they, like everyone else, advance national security. Thousands have done so, honorably.

Similarly, gay matrimony is no zero-sum game. Since 2015’s Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision, same-sex couples have wed nationwide without rendering straight couples any less married. Gay weddings have become, if not routine, then certainly much less remarkable.

Alas, this live-and-let-live detente between gays and straights is being carpet bombed by the TQIA2S+ crowd. Propelled by cultural-Marxist “Queer Theory,” radical transgender activists have zoomed right past adult transgenders who quietly went about their own business.

The Alphabet People cannot keep to themselves. Instead, they are in everyone’s face 24/7/365. They sexualize damn-near everything, jackhammer girls’ sports, penetrate female spaces with male genitalia, erase women (Oops! I mean non-men), and — worst of all — covet America’s children.

Millions of normal gay people are appalled at developments such as these:

  • Most Gs are satisfied drinking beer and Cosmos in gay bars rather than watching a man prance about as the “woman” who wrecked Anheuser-Busch. Kohls tumbled down the T toilet, too. Consumers gagged at Target’s “tuck-friendly” female bathing suits with spare space for penises. Since April, experimenting with transgenderism has cost these three companies $28.7 billion in market capitalization.
  • Bafflingly, the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 16 bestowed the Community Hero Award on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of drag “nuns” who use the cross as a stripper pole. As the Daily Caller’s Grayson Quay explains, they also lampoon “the Holy Eucharist by drinking from a chalice filled with yogurt as a stand-in for human semen.”

“None of the gay people I know think mocking the sacred is cool. Not one,” U.S. Sen. Mike Lee stated via Twitter. “Shame on the Dodgers—not just for insulting Christians, but also for smearing gay people, very few of whom would ever condone what the Dodgers disgustingly embrace in the name of gay pride.”

  • William “Lia” Thomas is the 6-foot, 1-inch poster boy for typically large female impersonators who trounce smaller female athletes. Thomas won a 1,650-yard freestyle swimming event in 2021 by an astonishing 38 seconds.

To add humiliation to defeat, these young ladies sometimes share locker rooms with “women” who expose their penises and testicles.

How many mothers and fathers watch men masquerade as women and snatch sports trophies, state championships, university scholarships, NCAA titles, and life-long dreams from their daughters and then blame Gs for the Ts’ trespasses against their girls?

  • From Drag Queen Story Hour to tampon dispensers in middle-school boys’ rooms, the transgender radicals target children. They have slid erotic books into elementary school libraries and instituted “transition closets,” where boys can slip into girls’ clothes, and vice versa, during school. They don their original outfits before going home. Parents are none the wiser.
  • Colorado’s Seven Dimensions Behavioral Health encouraged parents of autistic children to bring them to a Drag Story Hour with drag queens named Brennan Sexyback, Jaques Strapp, and JustinN’Out. Don’t autistic children have enough on their plates already?
  • Minnesota and Washington State are now “Transgender Refuges” where minors can travel for “gender-affirming care,” namely hormone injections, permanent breast amputation and irreversible penis removal. Parental permission is optional.
  • Transgender extremism has devolved into violence. Swimmer Riley Gaines was mobbed and assaulted after she spoke at San Francisco State University in April. Radical Ts chased her into a classroom, where she hunkered down for three hours.

Meanwhile, T zealots physically attacked and robbed Stonewall veteran Fred Sargeant, 74, at a Vermont protest last September after seeing his placard. It read: “Gay, not Queer.”

Even worse, the Washington Free Beacon reports, in California, “Women’s prisons installed condom dispensers, a tacit admission that transgender inmates are raping female inmates.”

In a superb essay for Thursday’s Spectator World, Bridget Phetasy encapsulates just how utterly 3D Technicolor McBonkers things have become: “We’ve gone from ‘love is love’ to trans women insisting if a lesbian doesn’t want to suck their lady dick, they’re a fascist.”

All of this is boomeranging against normal gays who have zero desire to turn boys into girls, girls into boys and jiggle bare breasts, as did “transgender influencer” Rose Montoya and others at a June 10 White House Pride cavalcade.

By getting caught in a trap of LGBTQIA2S+ “identity” (without ever being consulted), Gs are getting smeared, much like homeowners whose property values plunge after a troublemaking family occupies their cul-de-sac and goes berserk.

Last year, per Gallup, 71% of Americans considered “gay and lesbian relations” morally acceptable. Last month, among 1,011 adults surveyed, that figure dropped to 64%. Among Republicans, moral acceptance sank from 56% to 41%. Among Democrats: 85% to 79%. Independents: 72% to 73%.

Slowly at first, then all of a sudden, “LGBTQIA2S+” has surrounded millions of us Gs in an increasingly evil place — linguistically, politically and culturally.

“The gay community is not a monolith,” Gays Against Groomers declares. “Those pushing this agenda do not represent or speak for us all, nor do we want to be associated with them in any way.”

June 2023 — Pride Month — is a perfect time for a big, fat Gay divorce from the Alphabet People.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor.

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