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How to Get in on the Skinny Brow Trend—No Tweezers Required

The nineties seem to be slowly but surely returning ‒ at least in terms of fashion trends. Low-rise jeans? Check. Graphic tees? Also, check. Velvet clothing? Check, too. 

But if there’s one trend all millennials and older generations are most skeptical about, it’s definitely tread-like skinny brows. After the rise of full and natural-looking brows as well as over-laminated ones, seeing skinny brows appear on magazine covers might feel uneasy. But there’s a reason for that!

Lockdowns during the global pandemic gave people a chance to experiment with brow shapes, try out Realistic Nano Hairstrokes makeup in different techniques, and try out different brow products. And, of course, every big trend bounces back from one extreme to another ‒ this is exactly what happened with brows.

Luckily, the thin eyebrows of today don’t even resemble the thin eyebrows of our favorite 90s idols. A lot has changed since then, and it just couldn’t go unnoticed. The essential outcome of the full brows trend was that we’ve discovered that brows provide your face with symmetry and change the proportions. The thin brows of today still have structure and depth, and filling them in is crucial because the brows still serve as a fundamental anchor while masking the proportions of the face, even if the form has become narrower.

If you’re afraid to try this trend on your brows ‒ we’ve got you! No tweezers are needed this time, thanks to the beauty industry. But first, let’s set some things straight.

Will skinny brows work for your face shape?

The reality is that they don’t suit all facial shapes. The main advantage of this shape is a higher brow arch that visually lifts an area around your eyes. But, if you’re an owner of thin and/or blonde brows, you have a high risk of them “disappearing” from your face, so this shape essentially works better with darker hairs, after all. Also, since they don’t balance the face, skinny brows are not ideal for fuller, rounder features. Moreover, slender brows are not the greatest choice for persons with stronger features since they will look out of proportion.

Nonetheless, the majority of brow artists think that there is a definition of “thin” that will fit your brows depending on your facial features. No matter how thick or thin they are, brows must always be designed with the proportions of your face in mind. 

So, how to figure out a symmetrical brow shape? 

Get a brow pencil first, then mark the location where the front of your brow should start by drawing a straight line from the tip of your nose. This is your starting point that will balance your eyes and thin your nose.

Then, measure from the outside border of the nose to the center of the eye and pinpoint the location where your brow is normally the highest. You have an arch here. 

Lastly, draw a line from the tip of the nose towards the outer corner of the eye to indicate where the end of your brow should be. 

Following these three guidelines keeps your brows in balance with the rest of your facial features. Make the points first, then softly draw a line connecting them. You can trim any hair that sticks beyond the desired form.

How can fake skinny brows be better than tweezed ones?

Excessive plucking might make it difficult for your brows to grow back. They occasionally will return in a patchy fashion, in the best-case scenario. Those from older generations are still having trouble growing back the eyebrows they overplucked following 90s fashion trends. It’s crucial to remember that this trend has been around for a while and has just come back. You don’t have to harm your brow hair just for this trend.

Consider the stress-free, non-committal option to fake thin brows. The ideal course of action is to embrace whatever brow shape you genuinely adore, but if you’re unsure about narrow frames, test-driving the look with cosmetics will spare you the regret of having extremely overplucked brows. 

So, how to fake skinny brows?

Let’s see how to mimic thin eyebrows step-by-step:

  1. In order to style your brows, brush them in that certain way you usually prefer. 
  2. Do small flicks with a thin pencil in the sections of the hair that are thinner. Keep your strokes deliberate and precise. 
  3. Then, lightly put a thick matte concealer that matches your skin tone over the hairs that stray from the intended shape. This can require more than a single run if you have black hair.
  4. When those hairs have been properly hidden, finish the look with a brow gel. This will serve as your brows’ topcoat and secure the complete look without any worry of it smearing.

Do not feel pressured to follow the trend. While people don’t always walk into brow salons looking for slim brows, this trend is more about pretending than it is about really accomplishing it. Never let trends force you to do something you doubt about. Excellent and healthy skin, beautiful brows, perfect hair, and white teeth are the true elements of beauty. These are the types of pillars that we should uphold. Trends shouldn’t influence us, and pressure is definitely not something we need.

Your beauty simply won’t shine bright enough if you do something not out of love, but out of wishing to follow a certain trend ‒ and it certainly doesn’t worth the sacrifice.

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