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Drapery rental

The atmosphere in the venue depends mainly on the event and its guests. Nevertheless, who said hosts should neglect the visual aspect of the occasion? Actually, this is one of the most important factors in making the event entertaining and memorable, so you shouldn’t take it for granted if you aim to make the best impression.

Quality decoration elements can heavily contribute to the visual attractiveness of the venue. Drapery is one of the most frequently used and universal elements you can rent for your event. Let’s find out more about this type of decoration, its uses, and the availability of rental services in NYC.

Why rent draperies for the holidays?

Draperies are very universal because they are used during different holidays. The most common uses of drapery for special occasions are the following:

  • Establishing an elegant photo zone. This benefit of drapery is relevant for all types of events. If you want your guests to take pictures not in front of a bare wall but in front of an elegant photo zone, drapery is exactly what you need.
  • Creating a romantic arch for wedding vows. When festooned over an arch, drapery helps to highlight the altar where newly married provide their vows during the wedding. This boosts the romantic vibe of such a special event and keeps everyone attracted to the major participants of the occasion.
  • Curtains for performances. Not all venues might have curtains that are used during different types of performances. If your performance takes place at such a venue, it’s necessary to rent a drapery. This will boost the theatrical atmosphere of the event and will assist performers to do their best to impress the viewers.
  • Creating a partitioning between different halls. This is also quite useful and relevant for different events and occasions as it helps to create a more convenient space for the event guests.

Where to rent in New York?

There are many companies that provide drapery rental NYC. However, very few of them can be adequately compared to AudioVideoNYC in terms of the quality of services. The company has been providing its services for around 2 decades, so its specialists perfectly know what type of equipment you might need for your event. Explore drapes in different colors, various sizes, and of the highest-quality fabrics. See the assortment to find more necessary equipment and enhance the atmosphere of the event to the maximum possible level.

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