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Consolidated Cargo: International Freight Shipping from the USA to Europe and Worldwide

Do you know that about two hundred ports in the USA annually handle more than 2 billion tons of various cargoes? Collective cargo is a profitable method of international freight shipping, resulting in all costs among customers whose goods are in the container.

The presented transportation option is popular for companies that rarely or often send small cargoes to any point on the world map. Thus, paying for the entire container is optional, but only for the space occupied by the customer’s goods.

What Popular Cargoes Are Transported from America to Europe?

The above-mentioned collective cargo is a relatively popular way of international freight shipping from different customers in one container. And if you compare the cost of shipping a combined load from the USA by the sea with other types of cargo transportation from this country, then the combined option (LCL) will be the most budget-friendly.

  • Various spare parts are often transported by sea from the USA because this is a very inexpensive and small production. For small businesses, combined cargo is an ideal way to transport small batches of goods.
  • There is another promising direction for LCL transportation – companies in the industrial sector. It is about the purchase of used equipment at American auctions. You can pick up an excellent inexpensive car and find agricultural machinery, construction, and industrial equipment at an excellent price.

You can find many reliable shipping companies that provide high-quality international cargo services and are responsible for what they do. Among others, Meest is a professional in international container shipping and is happy to bring such cargo directly to your doors.

How Do They Ship Freight Worldwide?

Let’s start with delivering the customer’s cargo to an American port – on a ship bound for Europe. Often, the client needs a very specific seaport in the USA. Sometimes it is challenging to find a direct route, and you have to agree to transit through other countries.

  • So, your cargo is already sent to a preselected US port. Now every shipping line has its forwarding agent, and the cargo is taken directly from the sender.
  • The direct route or a ship goes to other destinations – as a rule, the travel time is several weeks, as indicated on the Meest website.
  • What about the extreme situations at sea, for example, intense storms? In general, sea transportation is always comfortable, harmonious, and calm.

So, the international transportation of consolidated cargo is coming to an end. The client’s shipment arrived from the USA at a European port. From the port of arrival, the company delivers the cargo to customs and the client.

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