Alvin Bragg Just Elected Donald Trump

This story is not an April Fools joke, but Alvin Bragg may go down as the biggest fool in politics ever. In the most narcissistic move in political history, Bragg coerced a Grand Jury to indict Donald J. Trump, a former President, to a trumped-up felony charge. This action makes Trump the first former President to be indicted, and Alvin Bragg, the District Attorney, who destroyed his career by filing the indictment. Whether Bragg was working alone or as a Soros plant, his ill-advised action may be the ticket back to the White House for Trump. This fiasco will explode in the Democrat’s faces.

We do not know what the indictment says at the time of this writing, but it does not matter. The integrity of our government, which for years was the envy of the world, has been destroyed forever. Alvin Bragg has opened Pandora’s Box for the future. Every President will now be at the mercy of the President’s opposing party. This move by Bragg is the latest example of political weaponization by the Democrat Party. The Democrat play, which some say began with the January 6 Committee and climaxing today with the New York indictment, is the most extensive attempt at election manipulation.

What we are witnessing is lawlessness to the Nth degree. Whether it is Congress, the FBI, Justice Department, IRS, or a bush league New York District Attorney, the Democrats are showing no limit to the power they will exert to retain the White House in 2024. Trump is the biggest threat to that scenario, so he needs to be eliminated at any expense.

Many times today, we heard references that the day’s actions are more consistent with a third-world country than the most respected Democratic Republic in history. This farce is not about Trump but about every patriot seeing this for what it is, a blatant effort to keep the political outsider down and not allow him to gain the seat where he can effectively tear down this house of cards.

It is not a coincidence that the day the former President of the United States was indicted, they released from prison the image of the January 6 “insurrection.” Jacob Chansley, the convicted January 6 rioter dubbed the “QAnon Shaman,” was released because previously suppressed evidence was made public proving Chansley was innocent of all charges. He was framed by the same corrupt government that has taken a sledgehammer to the Constitution and indicted Donald Trump.

The Left is trying to goad the Right to strike back with violence. We cannot give them that satisfaction. We need to dig deep and rely on our strong faith to take steps to overcome the Left’s movement to turn this great country into a Communist, Marxist, Godless shadow of its former greatness. We have right on our side, and the Left is underestimating the strength and fortitude of the Right and the length we will go to preserve this great nation.

The one fact anyone needs to point to that sums up the Democrat’s use of power is that Donald Trump is indicted for personal payments to individuals. At the same time, Hunter Biden is untouched for extorting foreign entities and countries for millions to enhance Biden’s fortunes.

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Ray Cardello

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