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Colleges in UK – education information

Britain is famous for the highest level of education, which is equaled not only by the countries of the European Union but also by the whole world. The British College is an educational institution of secondary vocational education, where yesterday’s students are preparing for admission to higher educational institutions. Vocational education programs are offered by at least 500 colleges across the country. Among them are not only public but also numerous private educational institutions. GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education results are required for admission to college in most of the UK. International students who do not have it are often required to complete the Foundation preparatory program. Also, an IELTS or TOEFL certificate is usually required, confirming the student’s current level of English. However, the requirements will be significantly lower than for admission to the university. Prestigious colleges in the UK may also require an essay and a motivational letter from an applicant.

International colleges in UK – advantages of studying

  • A diploma of successful completion of college in the UK practically guarantees a successful admission to a university. Moreover, the diplomas of colleges in England are quoted not only within the country, but also around the world.
  • Flexibility of curricula, which provides for the independent construction of the curriculum by the student and the transition between the directions of one educational institution through the transfer of disciplines — without the need to take any special exams, tests or otherwise confirm their knowledge;
  • Elective lectures from famous people who have become famous in science, business, show business, are held in top colleges weekly, and students are allowed to attend such events usually for free;
  • Effective preparation for admission to universities, including top Ivy League universities in the USA, which is important, studying at a British college is often cheaper than at special preparatory courses designed for foreign students, and the admission conditions are almost the same.

Specifics of studying in the best colleges in the UK

A British college can be part of a university. It can be even a faculty where students study a certain direction, most often with an emphasis on applied activities. However, it is customary to engage strictly in science in British universities. In boarding colleges in the UK, education is based on the principle of a school. For a year or two, foreign students study general disciplines and prepare to enroll to obtain education further. Most often, foreigners who want to continue their studies at local universities and enroll there without difficult exams and translation of foreign certificate grades study in boarding schools. A specialized college in the UK, for example, financial or medical, allows you to get the same degree as at a university, only practical, not academic. Therefore, everyone who wants to practice, not science, goes to British colleges of this type to study. Every college in the UK offers its own set of curricula. At the same time, according to the law, they have one common basis of disciplines that are equally necessary in almost all areas of human activity: language, mathematics, computer knowledge, natural science, physical education. Depending on which direction a student enters a college in the UK, his program will focus on certain subjects. For example, doctors will pay more attention to the natural sciences, while psychologists and linguists will pay more attention to the humanities, and programmers will pay more attention to mathematics and IT disciplines.

TOP colleges in UK 

  • Cardiff Sixth Form College
  • Concord College – Shrewsbury
  • Hurtwood House – Dorking
  • Albemarle Independent College – London
  • D’Overbroeck’s College – Oxford
  • Abbey College – Cambridge
  • CATS College Canterbury
  • BramptonCollege – Hendon
  • Duff Miller College
  • Cambridge Tutors College – Croydon.

Colleges in UK fee for foreign students

The studying at a prestigious college in the UK for a year costs on average from 12,00 to 40,000 pounds on the full board basis. Additionally, airfare, medical insurance and visa registration, registration fee are necessary to pay. Also it is necessary to allocate pocket money to your child. Studying at prestigious college in the UK guarantees a high level of quality of studying and high positions in the ranking, without yielding the best boarding schools in Britain. There are no requirements for registration of guardianship when studying at colleges in the UK.  Vocational education in the UK can be obtained not only by the usual working qualifications like an auto mechanic or a painter, but also in such competitive fields as art and design, photography and filming, business and hospitality. Many students of professional colleges consider this type of training as a successful start to further university education. For those who have graduated from college, it is possible to transfer without exams to the second year of study throughout the UK, and in Scotland — even for the third year.

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