Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar Get Detention Instead of Committee Seats


It was the smartest thing ever spoken by Barack Obama: “Elections have consequences.” The Democrats realize the significance of those words this week. Kevin McCarthy is coming out strongly in his position as Speaker of the House, and three Democrats, in particular, are feeling the pain of losing control of the House. Congressmen Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both of California, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota, are being removed from prestigious committees. All three are feeling the repercussions of actions they have knowingly done, and all three are very vocal in opposition to McCarthy’s decision. All three are also actively and aggressively fundraising off of their demise in power in the House. Never let a terrible circumstance go to waste.

For the four years that Trump was President, Adam Schiff made a career out of the claims of Russian Collusion responsible for getting Trump elected. He always claimed to have concrete evidence of Trump’s involvement with the Russians but could never produce the facts. Schiff rarely missed a Sunday talk show where liberal hosts were thrilled to give the bloviating Schiff air time to sing his claims. For four years, he lied, and he even doubled down this week when he met with the press to bash McCarthy’s decision. He now claims that McCarthy is serving Trump’s needs and is doing Putin’s bidding in Congress. He will probably make that claim the centerpiece of his Senate bid to replace the outgoing, retiring Barbara Feinstein.

For his years of lying and many leaks to the press of sensitive information, McCarthy made the correct decision to remove him from the House Intelligence Committee, where Schiff would access our most sensitive information. Eric Swalwell will also be removed because of his negative and careless actions.

Eric Swalwell may be the most two-faced and hypocritical member of the House, and that is going some. Swalwell is another frequent talking head on CNN and MSNBC whenever the propaganda-spreading channels need someone to take shots at a Republican. His sins are two-fold. Swalwell had an affair with a known Chinese spy. When the FBI contacted him that they wanted to speak with his mistress, he spirited her out of the country before the FBI could confront her. He slept with her and then aided her in escaping from questioning and accountability. He should have been removed from Congress, charged with espionage, and jailed for his actions. Instead, he kept his seatbelt on the Intelligence Committee and is now complaining he is being mistreated.

Omar is being removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. This position is ironic because of many comments made by Omar that show her disdain for America, her hatred of Israel, and her dislike for many of our allies worldwide. There are so many other allegations about misdoings by Omar, including immigration violations involving her and her family, possibly being married to he brother, and tax and campaign finance violations. The good people of Minnesota can accept these shortcomings, but there is no reason we have to, and I think McCarthy is correct on all three of these individuals. I hope he is successful in getting the votes to back his decisions.

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