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World of Warcraft raids: benefits and bosses

You can hardly call yourself an MMORPG fan if you have never played World of Warcraft. This is a game that can be called practically the progenitor of the genre itself.

If you do not want to start the game from scratch, because you are afraid that you will spend a lot of time developing, then you can use the help of professional players. World of Warcraft veterans can do the same if they do not want to participate in some parts of the activities. For example, those who do not like to go through PvE events can order wow raid carry. This is a safe service provided by boosting companies. This service is absolutely legal, you do not need to worry about your account.

Well, if you decide to go through raids on your own, you can read our short review. When you start playing WoW, you can get interested in a lot of things happening in it: professions, pet battles, exploring the world, studying the history of the game and the fate of characters, and battles with other players. And the most noticeable thing in WoW, which no player passes by, are raids. We will talk about them today.

What do raids give players?

The very first reason is simply being in a huge group of people engaged in one single thing – a raid. This can be a more or less clear and definite occupation in raids against bosses or less definite on epic battlefields. But in itself, the realization that you are doing something important together with other people is, as it seems, the most important thing that attracts people in raids of the World of Warcraft.

Another reason is the player’s desire to take part in some epic, significant events within the game. This goal is usually met by PvE raids. You always have at least one actual raid in which you can go on one of the four difficulties, and during the raid, you will be told the details of the events taking place in it. For example, one of the most famous villains of the game, Arthas, was defeated in the Icecrown Citadel raid, known far beyond WoW.

Loot is a character’s equipment. The current raid is inhabited by complex opponents, therefore, the reward for defeating them is great: characters with equipment from the raid are much stronger than characters who do not engage in raids or similar activities in complexity.

More or less permanent collectives are formed around the raids. Small organizations that have specific raid-related goals. A lot of WoW players do not play raids with random people, they play in teams that were assembled by a very specific player-organizer – raid leader. Players go on raids because they are pleased to be on their usual team. Collectives can be both more organized and quite simple.

Why do players think about loot in the first place in the World of Warcraft? It’s simple, loot is a more visible manifestation of the result of their activities. But still, for the most part, people go on raids because they like to do a common, interesting thing together with other people.

What happens in the WoW raid and who is opposing the players?

As a rule, a raid consists of two types of fights: fights with groups of elite opponents and fights with very powerful bosses.

Bosses are extremely diverse in the World of Warcraft, but players have long identified some patterns in each raid. Regardless of the add-on, most likely, in any raid you will meet:

– A boss with very simple mechanics, who has a lot of health and powerful damage. Such a boss is called a “Patchwerk” by the players in honor of the very first variation of such a boss that the players remember. Such a boss is Sludgefist from Nathria Castle.

– A few bosses with special fighting mechanics. The abilities of such bosses in WoW, as a rule, are associated with these special mechanics: for example, on the Darkway in the epoch-making mode of the Nathria Castle, players need to be able to quickly complete a triangle with three players, having 4 points of this triangle on the battlefield.

– Multiple bosses joining the battle at the same time. Such bosses in the World of Warcraft are called “Consul Bosses”. The Blood Council in Nathria Castle consists of three bosses, and the Generals of the Stone Legion consist of two bosses. The Collective Mind in the Nathria Castle also consists of two bosses.

– A boss who is assisted throughout the battle by many minions. They are called additional enemies. Such a boss is Kael’thas in the Castle of Nathria.

– A boss with a lot of phases. In WoW raids, a phase refers to the segments of a boss fight, which are usually tied to the boss’s health or to the time of the fight, during which the boss uses abilities unique to the phase. For example, the Generals of the Stone Legion from Nathria Castle have five phases. In the first two phases, we fight with the first General, and in the next two – with the second, and the last – with both Generals.

– The first boss, simple but interesting in mechanics. Squealer in the Castle of Nathria is an example.

– The final boss, usually with many complex phases and non-obvious combat mechanics. Denathrius in the Nathria Castle has 3 phases and 1 transitional phase. In the first phase, players cleanse themselves of “sins” to be able to pass the transition phase, which begins at 70.5% of the boss’s health. In the second phase, players fight with the assistants of Sir Denathrius, simultaneously dealing damage to him. And finally, in the last phase, the final boss in the World of Warcraft uses all his power to crush the players.

Raiding in WoW can be called a hobby, like fishing or some kind of sport – someone does it in an amateur way, and someone does it professionally. You can try raids right now in available servers of WoW or wait until Dragonflight will be released in November 2022.

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