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Preparations for the stomach and intestines: how are they useful?

Modern medicine has developed a large selection of drugs for the treatment of the intestines. They are represented by a wide variety of means of various spectrums of action, purpose and forms of release. So, some drugs normalize the intestinal microflora, others have an antibacterial effect, and still others are used for preventive purposes. From all this abundance, you can choose the right over the counter gastrointestinal medications.

Despite significant advances in modern pharmacology, bowel preparations still have contraindications. Therefore, you need to study in detail all the nuances.

The range of this group of pharmaceuticals is represented by the following categories:

  • antidiarrheal and laxatives;
  • antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • means that restores intestinal microflora;
  • antacids and enzyme drugs;
  • antispasmodic and enterosorbents;
  • preventive means.

Each of them has its own specifics.

What are the drugs?

If you have an infection, your doctor may recommend antibiotics. Antibacterial drugs are aimed at destroying the focus of inflammation itself, and not viruses, which must be taken into account when using them. As for the anti-inflammatory group, these drugs eliminate inflammatory processes in the early stages, which helps prevent the development of complications.

The next group are agents that normalize the consistency of feces. In addition, prokinetics can effectively eliminate bloating. They restore intestinal motility, relieve pain, and some of them have an antiemetic effect.

The use of antibiotics disrupts the intestinal microflora, so probiotics are needed to restore it. Thus, probiotic preparations contain bacteria favourable for the body, including bifidobacteria, and prebiotics contribute to their growth and reproduction, restoring the microflora.

As for enveloping agents, their action is aimed at eliminating high acidity. The enveloping properties of such drugs make it possible to treat a wide range of acid-dependent pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Enzymes, in turn, are prescribed to patients with impaired intestinal absorption and intestinal motility. They reduce pain, eliminate flatulence and improve metabolic processes.

Preparations that absorb toxins and remove them from the body belong to the group of sorbents. They neutralize poisons and chemicals very effectively and quickly.

To be sure of the quality and safety of intestinal preparations, you need to buy them only in pharmacies.

Why should this not be neglected?

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – a group of pathologies, including a whole range of ailments of the esophagus, stomach, any of the intestines. Among the most common and dangerous ailments are peptic ulcer, gastritis and acid disturbance, Crohn’s disease, colitis, dysbacteriosis, parasitic and infectious lesions, as well as various functional disorders.

Because of this, you should not neglect your health and buy medicines only in trusted online pharmacies, because it is more convenient and cheaper than going to the pharmacy yourself and wasting time comparing prices. Online pharmacies provide high-quality service, and with the help of a delivery service, you can choose a convenient time to receive medicines.

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