Biden is Mulling Re-election. God Help Us

While Americans are trying to enjoy their Holiday weekend and watching their household budget blown to hell, Joe Biden is contemplating his future. He has been on Nantucket with his family since the beginning of the week, enjoying the trappings of a $20 million supporter-donated waterfront home. That home is worth more than Hunter could shake down from a foreign country on a long weekend. Joe claims that the decision to run will come from a family intervention. Any member of his family who urges him to run should be charged with elder abuse. This decision should not be taken lightly and has ramifications for every American citizen.

This decision is a no-brainer to anyone who has paid attention to the performance of Joe Biden over the last three years. He is not mentally fit to occupy the Oval Office and sit behind the resolute desk. The problem is that he and his family are so addicted to the money and power of the office that they will prop him up and push him through the rigors of a Presidential campaign and election. It is time for Joe to retire to Delaware and collect his pension.

Thinking that Joe Biden is not fit for office is not a case of age discrimination. There are people in Congress who are much older than Joe, but they still have their faculties. Biden is a much older eighty-year-old than Diane Feinstein is a nearly ninety-year-old. It is true that people age differently, and Joe Biden is definitely on a steep decline in mental acuity. The thought of Joe Biden still being President in four to six years is alarming. So what if the Bidens return from their weekend summit and decide Joe is ready to run in 2024? The Democrats and voters will need to make a change. The country does not require a second Biden term.

It may not matter what Biden decides to do. With the economy continuing to decline and energy costs continuing to rise, the voters will be forced to reject a second term. The Democrat Party will have to face reality and put people in the race to force a decision via the primaries. Running is Biden’s prerogative, but options are the electorate’s choice.

The decision may be taken out of Biden’s hands. With the Republicans taking control of the House, Hunter Biden will be investigated immediately in 2023. We already know there is evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Biden family, including the President. These hearings and media attention will take the wind out of re-election sails, and Joe will be forced to step aside.

Joe will prove how narcissistic and power-hungry he and his family are. By spring, the writing will be on the wall for the President, and he will announce that he is stepping down to make room for a new generation of leadership. He will have no choice. The country made a mistake by not making more of a course correction in the midterms. As numb as the voters are, the pain they feel from Biden’s policies will force them to change course. We can then go about healing the mess the Biden administration is creating.

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