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Advantages of living in Calgary: Should I move or not?

Are you planning to move to a new city? Yes! but don’t know which city should be selected. Don’t worry, you will get to know about a city which is worth living due to many reasons. We are talking about the city of Canada, Calgary, a beautiful city and as you are thinking about moving to a new location. Calgary may be an ideal choice for you. This is a city of 1.4 million people. You will be surprised to know that the population living over there is diverse population. There are almost 120 plus languages speakers over there. This is a huge potential to explore more and more. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of living in Calgary by calgarychinese. Let’s get straight into this.

Pros of living in Calgary:

These are the pros you need to consider while making the decision to move to Calgary whether with your family or alone.

Affordable city to live in:

One of the great benefits of living in Calgary is that there are no provincial sales taxes you need to pay. The only tax you need to pay in Calgary will be the 5 % federal GST. Comparatively, if you plan to move to Toronto or Ontario, you will need to pay the 15 % federal and provincial tax which merely means you will be spending more money on your daily and monthly expenses if you choose to live in Ontario or any other city. On the contrary, choosing Calgary for residency or a trip will feel low on your pocket.

Cleanliness of the city:

In 2007, Forbes magazine declared Calgary as the cleanest city in the world. Later in 2022, World Atlas ranked Calgary as the cleanest city in the world. There are a few other titles awarded to Calgary. If you are a family man and want to move to a location which is affordable and clean, then Calgary may be a great option to opt for.

This city contains the finest sewage system in each corner of the city. Resultantly, the availability and quality are exceptional. The air quality index of this city is also average as the govt takes serious decisions about the cleanliness and pollution in the city. Govt has fixed an amount of fine for dumping garbage inappropriately and if anybody is spotted dropping cigarettes or any kind of wrapper on the footpaths or roads will be fined around 400 $ to 1200$. Now you can rest assured about the rules and regulations of the city which help to maintain its beauty and healthiness thoroughly. If you want to live in such kind of place, you can definitely think about this city.

Cool weather:

This city is one of those cities which gets more sunlight throughout the year than any other country. This is the main reason you feel the temperature little warmer in summer, which reaches its peak of 30 degrees Celsius. additionally, you can enjoy the winter season as well. Living in this city which is affordable and offers a variety of features and cool weather either, so you can think about moving to Calgary permanently or for a trip. The choices are yours.


Downtown footpaths:

This city has extensively covered skywalk arrangements specifically to facilitate pedestrians. Plus 15 skywalks are a network responsible for providing weather-friendly and climate-controlled footbridges, and skywalks in Calgary at downtown Calgary. You can easily walk downtown by wearing T-shirts and shorts. You may easily walk to numerous downtown buildings without the need to go outside as they are heated which helps in the winter. You can know more about Calgary by Calgarychinese complete guide.

Public transportation availability:

One of the great benefits that may delight some people is the availability of transportation in each corner of the city. The train and bus transit is mainly designed to facilitate the people around the downtown early in the morning and again in the evening which is impressive.

The railway over there is called C-train which is electrically operated. Additionally, this is the first wind-powered based public transport in the continent of North America. This technology helped a lot in diminishing the pollution in the city which is why it is twice ranked as the most cleaned city in the world. The parks associated with the downtown have also availed the service of public transit. As you get a lot of opportunities for public transport, so the next thing which is more concerning is the fare. Don’t worry, the fare is also quite reasonable which won’t feel heavy on your pocket. Although the train operated in downtown offers a free ride up to a specific area. You can also enjoy a free ride in the electrically powered train for a while.

Healthcare facilities:

Health care is another essential element that cannot be overlooked anyhow. This city has made everything through ample calculations. In ancient times, this city didn’t have a good healthcare system, but as time changed, they also progressed in their healthcare system. Now only Calgary city, they have 145 doctors or physicians per 100,000 individuals.

Furthermore, if you have a provincial healthcare insurance card, you can enjoy health services for absolutely no charge. Of course, you will have to wait to avail this free health service. Once you land in Calgary, you can surely apply for this free health service.


If you are a person who loves to visit such locations which are clean, easy to transport and offers a variety of other feathers, like historical places and much more under a low budget since affordability is your number one priority, then going to Calgary can be a good idea. In Calgary, you can also improve your interpersonal skills, and beyond all things your sense of understanding and communication. While living over there, you can learn up to 120 plus languages which will produce great potential in you to do things which are extraordinary. You have all the article, hope you understand it thoroughly,

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