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Where Can You Use a Pumping Bra?

Young mother feeding breast. She is using a nursing pillow with the baby on side

Postpartum days are often full of inconveniences. You need to do work, run errands, cook, and take care of yourself, but you also need to care for a baby and handle everything that comes with that responsibility. You also may have the added task of pumping or nursing, which can alter your daily schedule as you try to work around that new duty. Fortunately, years of innovation and creativity from generations before us have resulted in products that make those postpartum days a little more convenient by helping breastfeeding and nursing mothers get a little more done outside of just pumping.

Enter: the pumping bra. With this product, new mothers can pump discreetly, comfortably, and conveniently, and they can do it in more places than just the comfort of their own home. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about where you can use a pumping bra and how this product will allow you to be the most productive mother possible.

What is a Pumping Bra?

A pumping bra is pretty much what it sounds like: a bra with the right clasps or zippers or slits or layers of fabric that enable you to pump hands-free while you wear it. There are a few different styles of pumping bras; some look like a regular bra or bralette that you could wear all day while some are strapless and more of an accessory that you’d put on just for pumping. Depending on the style, you might even be able to wear your pumping bra to work or out in public, then pump when you need to in a mothers’ room or bathroom, which brings us to our next topic.

Where Can I Use a Pumping Bra?

One of the best parts of a pumping bra is that they make the pumping process even more discreet than when using a typical nursing bra. This is because they often have zips or slits in the fabric that then can close around the flanges of the pump. Here are a few examples of where and how you can use this innovative product in your daily life.

Mothers’ Rooms

If you’re at work or elsewhere in public, a nursing mothers’ room is sometimes an option for mothers who need to nurse or pump. Naturally, you can use a mothers’ room even if you don’t have a pumping bra; they’re there to provide the privacy and space to pump or nurse your baby if needed. But with a pumping bra, the process is even more comfortable. Not only are you able to pump with your bra still on and with a little more personal privacy, but you can also read, use your phone, use a computer, or do anything that requires free hands. With a pumping bra, your time in a mothers’ room looks a lot different.

Your Own Office

If you can close the door to your office, or if you are able to get enough privacy, pumping bras are perfect for bringing to work because – you guessed it – you can pump hands-free. In this case, you could pump right at your desk while you continue your work without a hitch. You could also do it on your lunch break, or literally any time you have the privacy and the chance to get it done. You simply open the bra for breast access, attach the pump, and close the bra when you’re done.

Your Home

Whether you’re working from home, taking care of the kids, deep-cleaning the house, or simply having a day at home to relax, your pumping bra is there to help you multitask no matter what. Need hands to hold a book? Make a snack? Meal prep or cook dinner? Work from home while keeping an eye on the kids in the other room? You can do all of these things and pump at the same time. Just about anything that requires your hands can be done while pumping at home with a pumping bra on. However, this excludes physical activity that might be too much movement for the pump to stay on hands-free, so avoid doing a home workout or too much jumping around while you’re pumping with your pumping bra on, but other than that, you’re set to do whatever else you need while you pump.

Public Spaces

Depending on your level of comfort with pumping in public, you can, of course, use your pumping bra to discreetly pump while in any public space that you deem acceptable. It’s always important to be knowledgeable of the state laws where you’re pumping, however; all 50 states allow women to breastfeed in public, but not all 50 states protect women that do it from repercussions (indecency laws, etc.). So if you’re pumping on a train or a plane or in a park or anywhere that’s deemed a public space, feel free to use your pumping bra for an easier, hands-free experience that protects your body parts from being exposed to the world, but be aware of how you’re legally protected, too.


Nursing bras are great. They provide easy access to the breast so you can nurse or pump with it on, and in terms of postpartum products, they were an excellent start. However, pumping bras are the product that really take convenience to the next level. You don’t really know the freedom of hands-free pumping until you can do it any time and just about any place. Pumping bras also increase the ease of double pumping, which will produce more milk and milk with higher fat content than pumping just one breast at a time. Overall, between the ability to double pump hands-free and the convenience of having a bra that you can wear all day and pump in, it’s clear that pumping bras are the postpartum product that nursing mothers everywhere have been waiting for.

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