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Wedding Makeup You Need To Try

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It’s your wedding day, and you should feel like your most beautiful self. We are so glad that more natural makeup looks are in right now because it’s giving brides the chance to be their best selves, while still looking recognizable on their wedding day. Gone are the days when the smokey eyeshadow look and bat-like fake eyelashes had the guests thinking how much better the bride looked without her wedding makeup. DIY lash extensions, for one, are changing the look of makeup altogether to make it more natural and flattering than ever, The year 2022 has brought some makeup trends that simply elevate a person’s face rather than detract or come on too strong. So what makeup looks are trending right now? We’ve compiled a list below.

Natural Lash Extensions

Thank goodness that the days of tacky eyelash strips are behind us. In their place, has come the era of DIY lash extensions that are light, airy, and natural looking. These lashes can still be done yourself, and don’t require a lash tech. DIY lash extensions are all the rage right now and provide a more elevated put-together look instead of just mascara. But by utilizing at-home DIY lash extensions instead of drug store strip lashes, you have the benefits of a voluminous lash look that you don’t have to worry if it’s popping up or coming unattached.

A Cream Product Look

One thing we are seeing trending right now is cream makeup products. Cream products are great because they allow the consistency to blend more naturally into your skin instead of looking cakey, flat, or matte. Wedding makeup of the past has looked thick and matte, and more often than not caked on. This look is not accomplishing the dewy, glowy look loved by so many right now which enhances your natural traits. Implementing a cream multi-stick for blush, lip, and eye shadow, or even a cream product for highlighter or bronzer instead of a powder has become an easy way to achieve this look. We love the dimension, buildable coverage, dewiness, and flush that a cream product look favors.

The Flushed Blushed Look

Blush is back and bigger than ever! Some would argue that blush is probably the most essential to the makeup looks circulating the trend forecasts right now. The biggest trend is to recreate a flushed, slightly burnt look that only comes from spending the day in the sun. Sunburnt blush isn’t as extreme as it sounds, all it does is require you to do your blush a little differently than you’ve done it in the past. In this wedding makeup trend, a key component is to apply the blush in more of a W shape in which the blush is applied across your nose. Applying blush across your nose helps enhance the beautiful, natural, fresh-faced look that so many desire.

Primer As Your Best Friend

We all know that primer is the easiest way to accomplish a smooth base which is particularly important for wedding makeup. If you are going for a more natural makeup look, you may be trying to avoid heavier products that cause your face to be cakey. Instead, other products are important to give you the pore-filling qualities you desire. This is why a primer serves as an important step in allowing your skin to be prepped to hold, maintain, and elevate layers of lighter makeup. Primer can be catered to your specific skin’s needs and works to accomplish filling in any pores, adding a glow, or blending in for a blurring soft look.

The Tantouring Method

If you hear nothing else about the wedding makeup trends of 2022, hear this: Tantouring is the new contouring. We all have experienced the shaping and chiseling benefits of the traditional contour makeup style, but tantouring capitalizes on making this bronzed shadowing look a little more permanent. Just like lash extensions, on your wedding day, sometimes the semi-permanence of a look can give a bride extreme comfort that nothing is falling off or capable of being sweated off. Tantouring is done by using your self-tanner to contour with instead of your bronzer. This allows the chiseled and flattering look that comes with contouring to last longer and stays after you take your makeup off. Many beauty experts have reported even adding tanning drops to their moisturizer at night and then applying that to places on their face they want contoured such as their nose, cheek, or jawline. This bronzed look is perfect for your wedding day.

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