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‘I Was Deceived’: New York City Residents Blast Biden’s Border Policies

Residents of New York City tore into President Joe Biden over border policies in video interviews aired Tuesday evening on Fox News.

Host Jesse Watters introduced a segment of New York City residents reacting to plans by Democratic Mayor Eric Adams to build a tent city to house migrants, some of whom were bused to New York by Republican Govs. Greg Abbott of Texasand Doug Ducey of Arizona.

“I thought it was some type of a joke. Why would they do this? Why not house them elsewhere? They take our money and do whatever they want with it,” one resident said.

“Why don’t they put it in Gracie Mansion by his house?” another resident asked. “Put it by the mayor’s house. Do you know what I mean?”

Others were adamant they did not vote for the tent city.

“No, I did not vote for it,” one resident said.

“Absolutely not. I wouldn’t do that,” another said.

Some demanded Biden secure the border.


“Joe, we got to get control of this border issue,” one resident said.

“I was deceived like a lot of other people were deceived by Joe Biden,” another resident said.

Watters then noted that the tent city is in the district of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

“This tent city is going up in AOC’s district. And her own constituents aren’t happy about it,” Watters said. “Has she said a word about it? No. But she went on and on for a week about this little incident.”

Watters then played video of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez being catcalled at the Capitol.

“If it doesn’t affect AOC personally, she doesn’t care, and that’s how all these Democrats are,” Watter said. “Democrats clearly have no plan to stop illegal immigration. They just play the race card and sling disinformation to distract attention.”

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas slammed Biden and Democrats over the situation at the border later.

“I know the Democrats have one card in their entire deck and it’s the race card and they scream racist, racist, racist. But you know what President Obama, you know what President Biden? Do you know what’s racist? When Joe Biden sits by and lets four and a half million people cross into this country illegally and he doesn’t care. Do you know what’s racist? When Joe Biden can’t be bothered to go down to the border to see the little girls and little boys being sexually assaulted by international cartels,” Cruz told Watters. “Do you know what’s racist? When Joe Biden doesn’t care about the Hispanic women being raped by the cartels. Do you know what’s racist? When Biden doesn’t care about the dead bodies that the cartels leave on Texas farms and ranches across the southern border. Do you know what’s racist? That Biden will do nothing to stop the 100,000 fentanyl overdoses that happened last year. That is grotesque, and do you know what’s racist? When all the lily-white folks on Martha’s Vineyard sit back and say no, no, no, we don’t want any illegal immigrants here. Send them to south Texas. They can deal with it. That is grotesque. It’s offensive. And even to this day, Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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