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Top three tools for Augmented Reality Development

If you are a software developer, you must have been astounded when you first learned about the amount of effort and work required to develop an app. Even in the simplest applications, so much precision is required; you cannot overlook any details be it the scalability of the app, its compatibility, or resource consumption.

For advanced applications and games which need the incorporation of 3D graphics, and complex functions, technologies like augmented reality is used. The entire development process is a tightly tangled web of threads that needs to be detangled very carefully. You have to be mindful of all your actions, every step of the way. This is the point when SDKs come in handy.

What are SDKs?

SDK stands for Software Developer Kit and it is a type of augmented reality software. It is basically a bunch of software and programs that are run together in order to develop other software.

Let’s just say that SDKs are the key to your development process. It helps you detangle the tightly tangled web of threads and then further organise them to give birth to something new.

The major benefit of SDKs is that they help application developers in applying conventional and time-critical solutions as well as shortcuts in development, instead of consuming all the time in simply solving general issues. AR simulation is not something simple and easy. It requires serious attention along with the right tools. We have listed below our top three choices of tools for augmented reality development.

  1. ARKit:

For a lot of developers, ARKit is the first priority. It is used to make augmented reality software for iOS only which is why it cannot be used on android devices. The software depends on camera sensor data and other added data such as from an accelerometer and gyroscope, to identify and analyse the user’s environment for augmented reality visualization.

In addition to that, ARKit supports motion and face tracking as well as featuring Quick Look, where the displaying visuals are scaled and moved easily along with rendering effects. Apple has been working for years to ensure augmented reality is easily understandable by users and developers. You can find ARKit tutotrials in every version of iOS.

  1. Vuforia:

Vuforia is an AR software developer kit that is preferred by all developers, and all that for good reason. It offers a wide variety of products to develop augmented reality experiences such as the Vuforia Engine, Chalk, and the Vuforia Studio. This software is compatible for all kinds of creations, be it marketable or marketless augmented reality.

Vuforia has some of the best features that make it the top choice of developers for 3D modelling and object recognition. Here is a list of some of these features:

  • Ground plane- it helps in adding content on the horizontal surfaces
  • The visual camera- it aids in supporting visual sources beyond tablets, and mobile phones.
  • VuMarks- these are custom markers that help in encoding data as well as the user’s face recognition.
  1. Wikitude:

When we talk about augmented reality software development, Wikitude cannot be missed in the conversation. Even though it is comparatively newer in market as it was founded in 2008, but it has already made its mark. Wikitude has gained a great reputation for its extraordinary features that attract all AR developers instantly.

In fact, it is usually compared with Vuforia.

Wikitude supports almost all operating systems such as android, apple, as well as all smart glasses devices. It offers a wide range of tracking approaches and technologies, along with the incorporation of geographical locations, distance-based scaling, and cloud recognition features, too.

All the above mentioned software development applications are highly appreciated among augmented reality developers. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, which usually consist of what functions are supported and what are not.

If you want to start or improve your augmented reality development journey, you need to first layout your purpose of developing AR. Once you have the purpose and sector decided, then you should pick a suitable SDK after analysing the features and seeing what suits you best. Do not simply focus on the popularity of the tools but instead, check out their functions rationally before you make your decision.

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