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Ranking the Most Dangerous Types of Truck Accidents

Truckers and other drivers often encounter danger on the road, but such accidents can take many forms. One of the most dangerous truck accidents involves a semitrailer truck striking a pedestrian. These types of accidents tend to result in huge fatalities, primarily because there is no way for a driver to stop fast enough to avoid hitting someone else when traveling at high speed.

To protect yourself from these kinds of truck accidents, we have ranked the five most dangerous types of truck accidents.

1. Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife accidents are the most dangerous type of truck accident because of how they occur. This involves a truck struck by a car. The car strikes the back of the truck, often causing heavy front-end damage, making it difficult to steer safely. Jackknife accidents normally happen at intersections and can result in severe injuries to both truck drivers and passengers in cars. Police may also suspect that a jackknife accident was involved if there is significant damage to property at the scene or if witnesses tell them about it in the weeks following an accident.

2. Blowouts in Tires

Tires are an essential part of your truck’s suspension. When a tire goes flat, it can roll onto the road in front of you and cause a serious accident. Not only will you have to stop and fix your flat tire, but you may also need to deal with other drivers who are forced to brake suddenly due to a sudden change in how they drive. You should also be prepared for other drivers who may be unable to move out of your way quickly enough, causing a crash.

3. Wide Turn Fatalities

A wide turn is when a truck driver turns too slowly and collides with another vehicle. Drivers who turn too slowly can often argue that they did not see another car, but police may suspect that they were inattentive because of their speed. If a wide turn is suspected, explaining the situation to the police is best before they commence an investigation.

4. Rear-End Collisions

When a truck driver is involved in a rear-end collision, it is most likely due to how another vehicle was driving. This includes driving too quickly or not paying enough attention to the road ahead. You may have to deal with police or insurance investigators after this type of accident, so it is a good idea to keep a cool head and avoid saying anything that can be used against you.

5. T-Bone Collisions

These are the most dangerous types of truck accidents because they happen when a truck driver hits another side. The driver who is hit will often experience significant damage to their vehicle and serious injuries that can lead to death in some cases. The truck driver who caused the accident will likely be cited for failure to yield, proven that they did not move out of the way fast enough.


The most dangerous types of truck crashes will be the focus of any investigation, but your attorney can help you claim compensation for the losses that you have suffered. After a T-bone truck accident, a reputed law firm can assist you with investigating crashes and obtaining medical care for both yourself and the passengers in your vehicle to recover as quickly as possible.

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