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How to Generate Professional Construction Proposals to Win More Bids

The pre-construction phase is critically important for contractors. It is necessary to represent yourself better than competitors who participate in tenders and would like to get orders from customers. One of the essential pre-con constituents is construction proposals. You can win more and more bids if they are formed and distributed to your potential clients well.

Are you an entrepreneur or a construction company? Then it’s easier for you: you know about the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal. It remains to state it correctly and intelligibly in the text, without going astray and observing the structure. Construction pricing software will help you to make a competent and bright offer at any stage.

Where to Start When It Comes to Construction Proposals?

If you want to make a building commercial proposal (or announcement), study your audience, and determine the goals and objectives of the text. The most important thing is to study the target audience. Find out what is important to the client and how he chooses a contractor. If you understand this, the goals and objectives will be drawn by themselves.

In turn, to make an effective commercial offer, you must adhere to the elementary rules:

  • pick a title
  • talk about the services provided;
  • present a benefit to the client;
  • motivate the customer to cooperate with you.

People who write a proposal for cooperation usually make the same mistakes. They are listed:

  1. Praise the company, instead of describing the benefits of the client.
  2. A large amount of information. Presentation of an excessive number of different goods.
  3. Use of terms incomprehensible to the client.
  4. The same commercial offers for different segments of the target audience. 

It is better to avoid the most common imperfections from the very beginning. Make an accent on your company and discover something exceptional about yourself as a contractor (attractive rates, huge experience in the niche, bright portfolio, etc.). Try to make your proposal concise. Nobody would like to read plenty of words about the same concept, idea, or presentation.

Additionally, find out more about your potential customers. This way you will be able to get rid of useless phrases and describe unnecessary aspects. For example, if your client is interested in commercial premises only, do not highlight residential construction as the main direction of your business.

Recommendations on How to Write the Coolest Commercial Proposal

Before you start writing a business proposal, you should put yourself in the place of a person from the target audience. Understand what your potential client thinks of, what goals he pursues, and what problems the customer has.

In this case, it will be possible to write a letter that can interest him. Do not neglect effective methods. Tips on how to write an effective commercial proposal:

  • 4U formula for the header. When creating a headline according to this formula, they adhere to 4 rules: uniqueness, usefulness, urgency, and ultra-specificity. In a short headline, the recipient of the letter should see the benefits that the offer will bring to him, and understand why it is better than that of competitors.
  • Argument with the facts of all statements. Vague statements and promises are not credible. To attract a client, each statement must be immediately backed up with a fact.
  • Use of ratings. And it doesn’t matter who they were compiled by – a well-known publishing house, a site with average traffic, or the author of the letter himself.
  • Application of storytelling. Stories associated with the organization advertised in the letter evoke sympathy and make the reader involved in the company. The main thing is that the story is interesting and not banal.
  • Support of an expert and opinion leader. To increase the value of the proposal, it is worth finding a person whose opinion is respected by the target audience and enlisting his support. It is better if he publicly speaks out in favor of the company. This should be mentioned in the letter.
  • Evoking emotions. Of course, writing a commercial proposal involves the use of business language, but the result will be better if you give the letter a more relaxed note. Appropriate humor, aphorism, sayings, etc. will help with this.
  • Nominal letter. People love to feel important and special. If the letter uses a personal appeal to the client by name, then this will attract attention, and arouse sympathy.

These 7 tips will come in handy for contractors of any area of competence. Try to spark interest when it comes to your company and your professionalism. Engage your clients to ask questions. Do not forget about concision and do not pour water into the ears of the clients you would like to charm.

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