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Why Social Media Has Become So Important For Recruiters

Job aggregator sites like Indeed bring in a lot of candidates, that’s for sure. Many people go to websites like that when they’re seeking out new career opportunities—but what if your ideal candidate isn’t necessarily in the market for a new opportunity? 

Chances are you’re already using social media to create brand awareness, which aids in recruiting good talent, but what about actively recruiting candidates through these platforms? This practice is becoming more and more popular and is resulting in the hiring of many passive candidates, or candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a new role but see an opportunity they can’t pass up. Let’s go over why social media is the new way to hire.

Reach A New Pool of Candidates

The biggest benefit of posting an open job on social media is opening it up to a new audience, and more social media websites than ever are being used for this purpose. Sharing a job or any other post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is a great way to start looking for candidates—especially ones that already follow your brand and care about your mission. Even if you’re not operating from a company profile, posting your open position to your personal profile may yield great results. Friends, family, neighbors, and potentially hundreds of others may have precisely what you’re looking for. 

LinkedIn is probably the most popular social media site that operates for professionals. It was created for the sole purpose of networking and brings together leading industries and qualified professionals. Additionally, it is a way individuals can showcase their background and abilities, perfect for anyone looking for qualified candidates to reach out to for open roles. It continues to prove itself useful as a top source of talent acquisition.

Simplify Your Hiring

Social media is where everyone is—you’ve probably checked social media about 10 times in the past few hours, right? Utilizing this tool is just plain smart. If everyone is on social media, you want to be where they are. You can advertise an open position in plain sight, and the post can be easily passed between friends, family members, and colleagues if it resonates with the reader, making the process incredibly simple for both you and the potential hire. Plus, seeing a post specifically dedicated to a job will only attract those who are qualified to take the next step, unlike a job aggregator where applying for a job is just a single click away.


Websites specifically for job postings are, obviously, full of job postings. Your open role is one of many that people are checking out, and it may not stand out among the rest after a few hours of scrolling. However, on social media, it will stand out against the typical feed of funny videos and memes. Job sites can also be overwhelming, but on social media, you may catch a potential hire in a better headspace.

You can also use boosted posts on Facebook or Instagram to target your desired audience, allowing the ability to skirt past the other content you might find organically. This is great for organizations hiring locally, as these posts can be tailored to target particular zip codes or regions. On social media, you can include fun pictures or videos of what it’s like to work for your company, making it more interactive and fun than your typical job board.

Reach Specific Networks

Probably one of the best features of social media is the ability to adjust your preferences, news feeds, and join groups and communities for like-minded individuals. These groups are a great place to post open positions that relate to the topic. For example, a local history teachers group may be the perfect place to share information for a job available doing historical reenactments, or a local art group may be a good spot to share information about an open position for an entry-level graphic designer at your company. Groups sometimes have rules regarding these types of content, so check in advance before you share, but finding ones geared toward qualities you’re looking for in a candidate can be extremely worthwhile.

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