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Tucker Shreds Manhattan DA, Big Tech For Targeting Bodega Clerk

Fox News host Tucker Carlson lambasted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and GoFundMe executives over the case of a bodega clerk Thursday night.

Jose Alba, a 61-year-old clerk, was charged with murder by Bragg’s office after he reportedly fatally stabbed a man who allegedly attacked him over a bag of chips July 1. Video shows Alba being shoved into a wall by his alleged assailant.

“The message that Bragg sent was clear to everyone watching,” Carlson said. “And it was this: If the criminal who assaults who is a member of a favored group, you don’t have the right to fight back, you may not defend yourself. You must take whatever he gives you because thugs have more rights than you do.”


“A healthy society celebrates and venerates men like Jose Alba,” Carlson said. “Men with jobs and families. Men with independence and dignity. Above all, a healthy society affirms the right of men like this to self-defense. Self-defense is the cornerstone of all liberty. If you can’t defend your own life and property, you have no rights at all.”

GoFundMe took down a fundraiser for Alba, claiming it violated the site’s terms of service, according to the New York Post. The fundraiser for Alba is now active on GiveSendGo.

“Who made the decision specifically?” Carlson asked about the deletion of the GoFundMe fundraiser. “You should know their names. GoFundMe is a company – here’s who runs it: Tim Cadogan is the CEO. Juan Benitez is the president. You’re seeing the pictures right there. Chief of corporate affairs at GoFundMe is called Margaret Richardson. These are the people who made the decision to crush Jose Alba and his family.”

GoFundMe and Bragg did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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