‘Rescuing you from the threat we just manufactured’

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The radical Left which now controls the Democrat party employs the same tactics but they are also branching out.

Here now, is another example of a crisis they created for the express purpose of addressing the phony problem no matter how ridiculous, to get the political upper hand by controlling the narrative:

“These extremists are working to take away the rights of women, to take away our right to decide when to have children, to take away our right to control our own lives and our own bodies. And we will not let this happen,” she said.

“Protect contraception?”  Do we really need to deny that conservatives want to outlaw contraception?  In fact, it makes sense that most conservatives would encourage contraception so that abortion isn’t used as a form of birth control. They just don’t want to be forced to pay for it.

But the hubris of Leftists includes but is not limited to proclaiming whatever they like as a constitutional right so they can also claim that it should be subsidized by the government. Translation: Taxpayer.

The old tactic of “Never let a crisis go to waste” has morphed into, “Keep creating crises, whether real or  imagined so we can amass the power to use force rather than persuasion to make people do what we want.”  -and never forget to profess our greater compassion for the people we seek to enslave.”

New tactic, but it’s the same old tyranny.


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