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Everybody is a comedian, like NCR is a pope.

The phrase “everyone’s a comedian” doesn’t mean that everyone is hilarious. It means that everyone thinks they are. Just like the phrase “everybody is a Pope.” People may think they can do a better job than Pope Francis. Take for instance NY Post’s Maureen Callahan who opines that the Pope’s “slam of selfish pet parents proves he never owned a pet.’ Or National Catholic Reporter’s
Flora Tang who frequently criticizes Pope Francis and  writes that “Pope’s comments are about more than pets. They reinforce the church’s narrow view on reproduction and marriage.” Even Fox New

Pope Francis appoints new cardinals

Now to say that the National Catholic Register (NCR) is unhappy with Pope Francis appointment of new cardinals is an understatement. NCR does not like that Pope Francis did not nominate a cardinal for Kyiv to appease Russia: “Pope Francis has repeatedly refused to elevate Archbishop Shevchuk out of presumed deference to the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow, which would prefer that the Ukrainian Catholic Church did not exist. Not creating Archbishop Shevchuk a cardinal not only undermines protestations of Vatican support for Ukrainian Catholics, but also gives the impression that Patriarch Kirill of Moscow holds a kind of veto over internal Catholic life in the so-called “Russian world.” it writes

NCR would have preferred Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles over Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, “characterized by veteran Vatican correspondent John Allen as “one of the staunchest liberals in the U.S. bishops’ conference.” NCR reasons that “passing over Archbishop Gomez — head of the largest archdiocese in the United States — for one of his suffragan bishops is an exquisitely calibrated message. That Bishop McElroy has publicly clashed with Archbishop Gomez over pro-abortion Catholic politicians is not irrelevant to his selection. Archbishop Gomez, a gracious and dignified man, will conduct himself with customary reserve in the face of what many of his brother bishops — off the record — regard as shabby treatment.”

Bishop Peter Ebere Okpaleke, from the newly-created Diocese of Ekwulobia in Nigeria, NCR calls a consolation prize and the process Pope Francis used to select now Cardinal Okpaleke, a failure.
In the same piece, Father Raymond J. de Souza reviews other new cardinals around the globe. He was born in Canada. His parents were born in Kenya and his grandparents were from the former Portuguese colony of Goa. De Souza has a Master of Public Administration in public policy at Queen’s University, and a Masters of Philosophy in development economics at Cambridge. His theological training was at St. Philip’s Seminary in Toronto and at the Pontifical North American College, and the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. He has been a Senior Fellow of Massey College at the University of Toronto since 2016.

Clearly Pope Francis’ new appointments do not conform to De Souza’s worldviews and implies he knows better than Pope Francis not only only how to run the Vatican, but also how to evangelize. For context, one of its authors & frequent outspoken critic of Pope Francis is Flora Tang, “a doctoral student in theology and peace studies at the University of  NotreDame. Her research focuses on post-traumatic sacramental theology, Asian American literature and #queertheology.”

The implied smear about Pope Francis siding with proabortion clergy is simply that. In his Laudato Si, Pope Francis was very clear: “Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature, is incompatible with the justification of abortion”

Secondly, the Biggest Threat to China & Russia is not the USA or NATO but Christianity in general & Pope Francis specifically. Simple math: There are over 2.6 billion Christians in the world but only 1,4 billion Chinese Earlier this year, Xi told a conference in Beijing, described in official reports as the National Work Meeting on Religious Affairs, that all religions in China needed to embrace the Communist Party, expanding on one of his long-held policies. “(We) must maintain the party’s essential direction on religious work, we must continue our country’s direction for the sinicization of religion, we must continue to take the large numbers of religious believers, and unite them around the party and the government,” Xi said

But it is not surprising. More lies have been aimed at destroying the Roman Catholic Church than any other institution in the world. So much that even most Catholics believe the lies they were taught in high school or have seen on T.V. and social media and sadly the secular media will continue its attacks.  Everybody is a Comedian Like NCR is a Pope!

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