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China’s Xi Jinping Unironically Publishes Treatise On Human Rights

China’s dictator Xi Jinping published an article on human rights in the official publication of the Chinese government Thursday, despite overseeing massive human rights abuses as the country’s leader.

Xi, who has reportedly overseen China’s ongoing genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, published an article promoting human rights within the official publication of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Qiushi. Xi stated that the development of human rights in China depended on “adherence to the leadership of the CCP” above all else.

“Wholeheartedly serving the people is the core purpose of our party,” Xi wrote, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation translation. “The Chinese Communist Party leadership and China’s socialist system has enshrined the socialist nature of the cause of human rights in China and has determined that the CCP leadership can ensure that the people are the masters of China.”

A collection of hundreds of leaked internal Chinese government documents released in 2019 known collectively as the Xinjiang Papers revealed that China’s crackdown on Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities was overseen by the central government. The U.S. State Department determined in 2021 that China’s genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities has included arbitrary imprisonment, torture, forced labor and other human rights violations.

In May 2022, additional leaked internal government files reportedly hacked from Xinjiang police computers, known collectively as the Xinjiang Police Files, further established that Xi and other CCP leaders such as Zhao Kezhi, China’s minister of public security, directly managed the genocide.

Xi’s article on human rights follows little more than a week after the European Parliament passed a resolution determining that the Chinese government is guilty of inflicting “crimes against humanity” against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities and that a “serious risk of genocide” exists in Xinjiang.

Xi’s article emerges as just the most recent Chinese attempt to defend the CCP from accusations of genocide. Chinese state-run media recently seized the opportunity toreports of genocide a “big lie” when Michelle Bachelet, the U.N. human rights high commissioner, announced on May 28 that her visit to China had failed to investigate reports of genocide.

Thereafter, human rights activists and politicians, such as Dr. Adrian Zenz and Nikki Haley, called for Bachelet to resign. On June 13, Bachelet announced her intention to quit the position, but maintained her decision had nothing to do with her failure to investigate China’s genocide.

The Chinese Embassy did not respond immediately to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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