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Guidelines to Follow When Fitting Skirting Boards to Walls

Skirting boards are a fabulous addition to every modern house. They help hide the gaps between the floor and the wall. They also prevent wall marks from furniture, at the same time adding a special design detail to enhance your room. Find out more about skirting boards by clicking here

For plasterboard walls, installing skirting boards is very easy. However, with brick walls, it may take a little bit more work. The following guidelines will help you fit your skirting boards perfectly to your wall.

Cut your skirting board ready for installation 

First, you need to cut your skirting board ready for installation. Ensure the cutting suits the length of your wall and allow extra length for the metered joints. For you to do this, you need to cut to a 450 angle to create the meters where needed.

Create ascribed joint 

Where the skirting boards meet at the corner, create an ascribed joint and butt one side of the skirting board into the corner. 

To scribe the second piece, cut a 450 angle on the skirting board and use a coping saw to cut the line along where the skirting meets the angled cut. Then butt the second piece into the skirting board and ensure it fits perfectly. 

Make markings on the wall for the plugs 

This will allow you to nail or screw fix the skirting boards into the wall. To do this, position the skirting board perfectly and drive a nail or screw through the face of the skirting board until it hits and makes a marking on the brick wall.

Remove the board

Remove the board and where the nail or screw left a mark; drill a bit to make a hole on the wall. Once the hole has been made, use a hammer to tap the wall plug into place, making it collide with the wall.

Apply high tack construction adhesive

Apply high tack construction adhesive along the rear face of the skirting board. Then, hold it in place and stick it firmly onto the wall. Hammer the nails or drive the screws into the skirting board and through the wall plugs until it is securely and firmly fixed.

Finish up and apply paint 

If you have used nails to do the fixing, use the nail punch to counter the nail head so that they sit below the surface of the skirting board. If you have used screws, make sure you have screwed the head in just below the surface of the skirting board surface to allow for filling. 

You can use wood putty to fill in the holes. Let them dry, then sand over them until they are very smooth. Also, fill in the gaps between the skirting boards and the wall as well as all the corners with gap fillers. Once you’ve done all that, you can use your paint of choice to paint your skirting boards, and you are done.


Including skirting boards to your wall will add dimension and style to your house interior, helping you create the spectacular interior of your dreams. If you are planning to add skirting boards to your walls, then the above steps will be a great help to you. Good luck.

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