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Cheap Builder’s Risk Insurance in Montana

In this article, we’ll look at some methods to help you secure the best, cheap Builder’s Risk insurance in Montana. With average house projects topping $300,000, construction insurance is key in protecting your profits. However, you can carry powerful insurance without paying too much. Are you?

You’ve probably already been shopping around for good value Builder’s Risk insurance for your contractor company. There are many ways smart contractors can reduce premiums. you can get more value from your coverage.

Why Carry Builders Risk?

Some small contractor business owners question the very need for Builder’s Risk, or even go without it. Montana is a hub, with over 250,000 jobs in small businesses. Moreover, at only 1-5% of construction costs, cheap Builder’s Risk insurance isn’t hard to find, and can save your business from big financial losses.

Think about it.  That $300,000 house we mentioned could cost as little as $3000 to insure. Therefore, you’ll be safe from losses caused by rain, wind, fire, theft and vandalism, among others. These all inflict massive damage to construction sites. Construction fires alone cause $300 million nationwide per year. Furthermore, don’t gamble with your profits.  Get Builder’s Risk.

Cheap Builder’s Risk Insurance in Montana

The most obvious way to get cheap Builder’s Risk insurance is reducing the premium.

Almost 30,000 property thefts are committed a year in Montana, with up to $1 billion in construction thefts nationwide. Mobile Surveillance units, audible alarms and illumination are simple, transportable measures to beef up security and lower the coverage cost.

Consider the appeal of a darkened versus well-lit construction site and this makes sense. Contractors Liability has access to the top insurance brokers in Montana, so we secure your coverage at the lowest price possible. Get a free, no-obligation quote and see!

Check the Regulations

Because Builder’s Risk is inexpensive, reading the fine print is a step that contractors often neglect to take. But cheap Builder’s Risk insurance in Montana starts with coverage that sticks to the rules. It’s the potential difference between paying $300,000 and $5000 for a site loss.

Make sure workers are properly classified, and your policy complies with your state’s regulations. This secures more clients and revenue. You can also save money by knowing what you can deduct for insured subcontractors. Contractors Liability’s licensed professionals in Montana know the rules – so you won’t lose out.

Customize Your Coverage

Even cheap Builder’s Risk insurance is easy to adapt to your circumstances. You can extend third-party loss coverage in many ways. Some excellent extensions include

  • Property in Transit: In a spread-out state, you may spend more time on the road. This coverage is for your equipment on the way to the site.
  • Ordinance or Law: Montana’s construction industry has faced various setbacks due to changing regulations. This protects you if it happens mid-job.
  • Debris Removal: With construction adding 1000s of jobs a year, bigger sites mean bigger damages if something goes wrong.

Get Your Cheap Builder’s Risk Insurance in Montana Today

Perhaps the most effective way of securing solid, cheap Builder’s Risk insurance for your company is working with an agent who knows the market.

BBB gives Contractors Liability an A+ rating, and we have thousands of five-star reviews. We know how to get the best, cheap Builder’s Risk insurance in Montana. Give us a call on 888-339-7630 to find out more.

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