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Main Types of Essays Every College Student Should Know

For most college students, writing essays tend to be a difficult task. At first, it may appear simple. However, taking into account the requirements, instructions, and guidelines required to draft an essay will make you realize it takes a lot of effort. You should also know all the common essay styles to be able to produce an excellent piece.

Remember that your academic achievement depends on the capacity to draft different essays types. Most of the time, your supervisor or tutor will give the assignment to write an essay as a test. Therefore, choosing the ideal essay type to respond to the task is crucial to answering the question correctly.

Also, keep in mind that you can always rely on the Write My Essay Today writing service. This is especially if you lack enough time to write or may find writing an essay somewhat challenging.

Here are thus some of the main types of essays you should know as a student:

Descriptive Essay:

A descriptive essay is all about ‘describing’ the key topic by painting a picture in more detail. The objective of this type of essay is to allow the reader to share your experience. The discussion’s topic, or object, could be anything from describing a person, an object, a place, or a memory.

In addition, a descriptive essay involves providing in-depth information, details and argument about the topic at hand. In other words, it examines the case, or subject matter, from various aspects and perspectives.

Also, the reader’s sensations must be evoked in the descriptive essay. Hence, the reader should be able to see and feel whatever you saw and felt. You can thus employ a variety of literary strategies to improve it, such as metaphors, alliteration, analogies, dialogue and imagery. All of these will help contribute to a better experience and essay.

Narrative Essay:

Writing a narrative essay is similar to telling a story. So when your lecture asks you to write a narrative essay, keep in mind that he/she is looking to gauge your ability to tell a story. While this might appear to be a simple task, it is not. Therefore, you must brainstorm and write about the tale so that the reader feels as if he is present in your story.

In addition, your essay should capture the attention of the reader. Therefore, rather than being ambiguous, you should clarify things thoroughly.

Expository Essays:

An expository essay is a piece of informative writing that provides a balanced analysis of a subject. In this type of essay, you are required to use facts, data, and relevant examples to illustrate or clarify a topic.

Expository writing also includes many different essays, including comparison and contrast theses, cause and effect essays, and process or “how to” essays. Unlike descriptive essays, expository papers are not based on personal emotions but instead on facts. Therefore, avoid showing your feelings or writing in the first person when writing.

Persuasive Essays:

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader to adopt your point of view or proposal as with an explanatory essay in terms of facts presentation. Therefore, you must use facts and logic to develop a case, including examples, opinions from an expert, and rational arguments. In addition, you should give all sides of the perspective. However, you must be able to express why a particular view is correct in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Argumentative Essay:

In this style of essay, you are expected to give two sections of a controversial subject in a single paper. Therefore, you must provide a valid explanation or argument for every side without being biased and include the benefits and limitations of each viewpoint. Also, your issue analysis must be objective and factual, and it must incorporate both sides of the controversy.


Writing along the appropriate lines requires a thorough comprehension of the reader’s goal. Therefore, you’ll be able to write an outstanding essay customized to your writing purpose once you’ve determined which of the different essay types best addresses your objective.

Generally, writing various types of essays has become important to academic achievement. It is a mandatory school task, a requirement on college applications, and a part of standardized testing.

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