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A Beginner’s Guide to Best Bets

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Do you want to get into sports betting but aren’t sure how to make good bets? Then you came to the right place.

Read on to discover a beginner’s guide to making the best bets.

Make Sure You Are Ready

If you are embarking on a journey into the world of sports betting, you probably are already a big fan of sports. This can be dangerous because you may get excited and want to get ahead of yourself. It is critical to not let this happen. Taking it slow and waiting until you are ready will set you on the right path to a successful career in this industry. There is a lot to learn before you get going.

Understand the Basics

Just like any other hobby, passion, or job, you have to walk before you can run. Meaning that you need to learn the basic bets before you can begin betting. This seems obvious, but you would be surprised how little some people know while placing bets. Here are a few bets you should familiarize yourself with.

Point Spread

Point spread is likely the most popular type of wager per game. For this type of bet, the sportsbook sets a specific point spread that the favored team has to win by for bets on them to payout. It is often more dangerous and less profitable to place bets on teams with a large point spread. Because the statistical probability of them blowing the other team out is not very high.


Moneyline is the simplest form of betting. To place a moneyline bet on a game, all you have to do is decide who you think will win. The only catch is that the odds often tilt towards the team that is most likely to win. So there is still a bit of complexity as to how you should strategize for this type of bet.

Over/Under (Totals)

Over/under bets have always been a crowd favorite. It is different from the others in that it doesn’t focus on a winner or loser. It only focuses on the total number of points each team accrued over the game. The sportsbook sets a total number, and you have to decide whether you think the actual total points will be over or under the set amount. Pretty simple!


Future bets are placed on games or awards that take place in the future. Often, these bets have to be placed before the season even starts. This is how people bet on which teams will be in the super bowl or which player will win MVP.


A parlay is the most complex type of bet among the others mentioned here. Betting a parlay means you are placing two or more different types of bets on the same game. The big catch is that you have to be right on all of them to win.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High

Sports betting is a complex industry with plenty of moving parts and luck. So, while it is easy to get excited and have dreams full of dollar signs, be sure not to get your hopes up too high. People just starting out have very low odds at winning. So be sure to ease into it while learning everything you can.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a key element to being successful at this. Professionals recommend that you create a completely separate account from your main banking account and use it exclusively for betting. Once you have done this, know that you may never see that money again.

How to Bet

When it comes time to place your bets, it may be tempting to drink a little bit and enjoy the game. While this is completely fine, be sure to not overdo it. You want your mind to be as clear as possible before your bet and during the game you bet on. It takes a lot of brainpower to be successful at this.

For the amount you should bet, it is good to keep each individual bet at or under five percent of the amount in your bankroll.

Keep Track of Your Bets

As far as making the best bets, it takes time to get good at it. Keeping a record of your bets and how they played out is a great tool for learning and improving. So, get a book and keep track of all of your bets.

Utilize Picks

If you are not confident enough in your skill or knowledge to place your first bet but want to start gaining some experience, you should turn to handicappers. Handicappers are professional bettors who sell their picks online. For those who are new to sports betting, this is a great way to start out with higher odds.

The Bottom Line

It takes time to learn everything there is to know to start confidently making the best bets. But it is doable, and it is a fun journey for any sports lover interested in the industry. So follow this guide, purchase a few picks, and start making your best bets.

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